You May Have to Dongle Separately

Getting Rid of the Dongle

Apple has been in the news a lot lately.  They’re likely on the hook for billions of dollars in taxes to the Irish government, they’re negotiating better prices on screens, and the latest report is that you will probably have to purchase a dongle separately when you buy a new phone.  That’s right, that tiny cord won’t come packed with your phone.

You may not get your dongle

This is among other news that the iPhone X may be on its way out already, and the upcoming “cheaper” iPhone with an LCD display might be this year’s hot seller. Here’s what we know.

No Mo Dongle

We learned last week that Apple is putting money into an escrow account that will either be returned to them, or paid to the Irish government.  At the same time, they’re negotiating $10 off each of their OLED screens, and now there’s rumor that the $9 dongle won’t be packaged with new phones.  Between those two cost cutting measures, Apple can expect to put another $2 billion in their pocket.  But it also opens them up for more income.

By forcing people to either buy a dongle on their own, it will push those over the edge that have been contemplating buying AirPods.  One more hurdle to connect a wired earpiece means many will go the other direction.

iPhone X Going Away?

This one is tough to swallow.  Why would Apple kill off its latest and most powerful device less than a year after it came out?  Speculation says that the market wasn’t ready for a $1,000 phone quite yet.  People want fast, sleek, and powerful, but they don’t want to pay that much.  How do we know that Apple may be killing it off, or at least ramping down production?  We look at the suppliers.

Cognex supplies parts for Apple phones that allow the OLED screen to attach to the casing properly.  As Apple ramped up production, Cognex boasted 40% or more growth.  But in the first quarter of 2018, the company reported 22% growth; about half as much as before.  This leads to speculation that Apple downsized their order, and may be taking the iPhone X out of production.

Cheaper iPhone on the Way

Another reason that the X may be on its way out, is that a cheaper phone is on its way in.  OLED is the best screen out there (for now, until Micro LED is perfected).  But it’s expensive to manufacture.  To combat that expense, Apple plans to release a lower cost iPhone that uses an LCD screen.  LCD isn’t as bright, it’s thicker, and uses more energy, but if people can save a couple hundred bucks on their phone, it’s likely they will sacrifice efficiency for those dollars.

Expectations are that the iPhone X sales will wane dramatically, the LCD version of the iPhone will grow dramatically, and unless Apple finds a balance in the next year, they could be in some trouble meeting shareholder expectations.


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