You Can Charge Your Phone While You Drive

Wireless Charging While Driving

The latest round of iPhones incorporates wireless charging.  It’s a great feature that reduces wear and tear on your phone, minimizes clutter, and it’s super cool technology (just wait until long-range wireless charging comes out though).  But when you’re driving, it’s not quite as great.

Hands free wireless charging mount

Most newer cars have built in USB ports that allow you to charge your phone while you cruise down the road.  But inevitably you forget to unplug when you hop out, yanking on that cord.  Often the cord will break, sometimes the charging port will be damaged, and sometimes the USB plug in the vehicle gets squished and now your hopes and dreams of charging while driving are gone.

There’s a better way.

Smartphone Mounts with Wireless Charging

If you have a business that requires you to be both on the road and on the phone a lot, we hope that you’re using a hands free headset.  But your biggest concern is going to be that the battery on your phone will run out.  Wireless charging lets you set your phone down and it charges while you don’t even have to think about it.  No worries about forgetting to plug it in.

There are a bunch of different options for wireless charging mounts, but one of the most highly rated devices is iOttie.  This hands free mount can connect to your dashboard, or to your windshield.  While you’re cruising around, you can have your phone mounted and connected to a wireless charger.

Smartphone Mounts without Wireless Charging

Of course many of us don’t have the latest and greatest iPhones.  We are poor and we can’t afford to drop a grand on the newest device.  That’s ok, there are still options.  Actually, there are many more options to charge the phone while we drive.

The difference, however, is that we still have to plug in.  With hundreds of smartphone mounts, we can keep the phone up off the floor, because that’s where it will inevitably end up, and keep it plugged in.  Essentially the same thing, but one extra step.

A word of caution, while vent mounted holders are incredibly convenient and easy to use, they do block some of the air.  It may not be in your phone’s best interest to have hot air blowing on it for extended periods of time in the dead of winter.


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