Game Consoles

Red ring of death? No problem, we can usually fix that today! We stock disc drives, laser lenses, and other parts to repair the most popular game consoles. Whether it needs a parts or a complete cleaning we can get it done, and we can save you money doing it!

Since we pride ourselves on honesty, if the repair doesn’t require a part we will be sure to let you know and reduce the estimated cost of the repair! Often not an entire piece needs replaced. For example a disc drive has multiple parts working together. Often we can repair individual parts. Bring your device in for same day game console repair today!


The Xbox 360 is the most common repair that we currently see. Most times either the disc drive has failed, the laser lens will not read games anymore, or the device is so full of dust that nothing will work! Either way the Xbox 360 is broken, we can fix it! Red ring of death? Yep we can fix that too.

With the consoles being released not too long ago, we have not had experience repairing every piece on these newer devices but can source parts for everything and repair them!