Mobile Phone Repair

At iDoctor, we have phone repair down. We have been repairing all makes and models of smartphones for over 5 years. We can perform the simplest of repairs, to the most complex. Generally simpler repairs can be performed in the field, while more advanced repairs are required in the shop. We can perform any iPhone screen repair utilizing our mobile services. We are able to replace batteries, charging ports, and more. While water damage repairs and micro soldering repairs are best performed in shop we can provide a pickup and drop-off service for any clients.

Here is a brief insight into what we will perform on a mobile repair service call:

  • Diagnosis and pre-repair testing of device to ensure functionality
  • Repair of device while updating notes in internal iDoctor system
  •  Installation of any desired accessories for the device
  • Any other problems can be discussed on-site, diagnosed and repaired if on site capable

Schedule an Appointment

You can use the on site scheduler tool to choose an appointment that fits your needs. You can give us a call as well to schedule an appointment.

iDoctor Mobile – 406-272-6516

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