Computer Repair

At iDoctor, we have experienced technicians to complete all computer repairs. We can complete software and hardware repairs for nearly any laptop or desktop out there. We offer free diagnosis for all computer repairs and stock the most common parts to complete the computer repair much quicker than expected! A lot of times with PC Computer repair, a hard drive repair will require restore discs to complete the repair. Often times this is the one thing that causes a hard drive repair to take 5-10 business days. Having the restore discs will often speed up this computer repair and make the cost $25-$50 cheaper!

Remote Support

Computer repair can often times be completed without having to bring it in. We can have a professional computer repair technician use TeamViewer to remotely login to your computer to clean up any software problems you may be having. We will need to get things set up over the phone. After getting access to the computer we can begin diagnosing the issue. Often a technician will be able to give you a diagnosis of what computer repair is required in just a few minutes. What type of computer repairs can we do remotely? We can remove all spyware/malware/virus removal repairs, assist setting up printers, configuring routers, almost any software related issue can be taken care of via remote support.

Download TeamViewer

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Most Common Computer Repairs

Computer Hard Drive Repair. A hard drive has moving parts inside. This is most often the cause of a computer running slowly or crashing. If your computer has the fan running all the time this may be due to a failing hard drive.
Computer Virus Repair. Viruses can be accidentally downloaded in malicious emails, browsing the web, downloading programs, or accidentally clicking the wrong thing online! There are also all sorts of viruses that imitate legitimate programs on your computer to get approval to download. At iDoctor we can remove viruses from computer
Computer LCD Screen Repair. The LCD screen of all laptop computers are fragile. The slightest drop or impact can damage the LCD screen as it is often directly exposed on PC laptops.
Water Damage Repair – We have the equipment to professionally clean logic board damage. Spilling liquid on a laptop can cause immediate short circuiting. If it does happen, turn the device off and bring it in. We have access to device schematics, a high-end ultrasonic cleaner, microscopes, high quality soldering irons, use the highest quality soldering materials. Whether the backlight IC has gone out or a sensor on the board has gone out. Chances are we can fix it.
SSD Upgrade – A solid state drive

laptop broken screen 12broken hard drive
laptop broken screen computer repair

  • Hard Drive Repair
  • LCD Screen Repair
  • Touchscreen Repair
  • Screen Hinge/Housing Repair
  • SSD Upgrade
  • RAM Upgrade
  • Spyware/Malware/Virus Removal
  • Water Damage Repair



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