Microsoft Pushes Forward with the Surface Hub 2

Most Don’t Even Know about the Surface Hub

Microsoft continues to innovate.  While Apple dominates the news these days, and they have taken over the phone market and a good portion of the personal computer market; Microsoft isn’t exactly shrinking.  In fact, they’re forging ahead with some innovating devices that are tailored more to the business world instead of the personal device world.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Photo from the MS Surface Hub Page

One of those innovations is the Surface Hub.  It was released in the middle of 2015 to little fanfare.  So little that it’s surprising the model wasn’t discontinued almost immediately.  But recent reports show that Microsoft is pushing forward, and the Surface Hub 2 is in the works.

About the Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft says that there are about 5,000 companies that are using the Surface Hub.  But that doesn’t mean there are only 5,000 units out there; they could have each purchased a dozen or a hundred.  What it does indicate is that there are plenty of companies that have the cash to invest in new devices.

And it does take cash.  The Surface Hub will run you roughly $9,000 for the 55-inch display, and over $20,000 for the 84-inch display.  It’s not an investment most small companies in Billings are willing to make; but for those that have the cash and a small bit of increased productivity can make a big difference, it is worthwhile.

The Surface Hub offers collaboration on documents, video conferencing, and more.  It’s essentially a giant touch screen tablet or computer with some high powered features built into it.  The Surface Hub 2 is supposed to have even more capabilities.

What We Know about the Surface Hub 2

All that we know is what has been released from the marketing department at Microsoft.  We don’t know the price, or the exact date of availability (it’s expected sometime in 2019, but nothing is certain).  Take a look at the video below (you may want to jump to 36 seconds to skip the ridiculously long intro that doesn’t really provide value, and it doesn’t provide much dramatic effect; we’re not sure why it’s there) and notice a few key features:

Fingerprint Access – log in immediately by touching the side of the screen.

Fluid Rotation – the ability to go from portrait to landscape, and back like his is pretty cool.

Mounting Options – It can be on the wall, on a rolling stand, or combined with other Hubs.

Connectivity – Multiple people can work on the same project from different devices and areas.

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