Mac Computer Repair

Mac computer repair.  At iDoctor, we offer full service Mac Computer Repair. We stock hard drives, solid state drives, RAM, and other parts and accessories to repair your MacBook or iMac today! We have specialists on staff to repair any mac computer hardware or software problems. Often times Mac repair is faster than PC repair because Apple has a built in internet recovery onto the devices. Max hard drive repair is almost as fast as repairing an iPhone 4S screen!

Whether your computer has crashed, you spilled a drink all over the keyboard, or it simply is not running the same. We can help!

Mac computer repair billings mt

The easy way to fix your Mac                                                               

All of the computer repair services without any of the hassle. At iDoctor,
we can perform hardware and software repairsthe same day the MacBook
or iMac comes in for repair. We offer data solutions to back up photos,
documents, or videos. We can upgrade an iMac or MacBook to have another
SSD or put a larger HDD in to expand memory. We could even turn the device
into a dual HDD or SSD.

The hard drive, motherboard, and processor are the primary parts of a computer.
Most often issues come to the hard drive first. The technology behind hard drives
are prone to failure. The reason for this is the moving parts and discs inside. If a
computer is acting out of the ordinary, the hard drive is usually a good place to
start checking.

Samsung SSD                           HDD                           Mac computer repair billings mt

Mac computer repair billings mt

Precision Services

At iDoctor, we are focused on improving our skills and techniques for daily to ultimately better serve our customers. We have trained expert technicians who specialize in certain areas of a repair process. We have focused on using best practices during our work which helps us improve our skills drastically and offer a more in depth repair. We care about one thing at iDoctor, and that is serving each customer to the best of our ability.


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We offer free over the counter diagnostics. We can upgrade your MacBook or iMac with more RAM, a new HDD or SSD, new disc drives, graphics cards, and pretty much anything else. If it is possible, then we can get it done! Often we can diagnose without having to charge a fee. During repairs, something that was not quoted during initial call may come up. We are sure to keep in touch with our customers. Before any additional fees will be charged, our technicians will call and ensure that each customer understands and approves of any necessary repairs.

Mac computer repair billings mt