Long Range Wireless Charging is Coming

New Apple Patent Hints at Wireless Charging Soon

What’s worse that having your phone battery die on you?  Being tethered to the wall while you wait for it to charge back up.  While you can opt for Bluetooth headsets, wireless charging has been the long sought after goal for all phone companies.

Wireless Charging from Apple

While there are some wireless charging phones out there, they aren’t truly wireless.  The device must be placed on an electromagnetic charging mat, or at least within a couple of inches, in order for it to charge.  You might as well get the faster charging that comes with a cable; you’re still tethered.

That could all change soon.  Apple’s latest patent indicates that true wireless charging is imminent.


Radio Frequency vs. Electromagnetic Charging

Current wireless charging works in a similar manner as a induction stovetop.  When the phone is placed on the charging mat, magnets work to charge the battery (yes, the science is much more complicated, but we aren’t here for a physics lesson).

Radio frequency (RF) charging, however, is a different beast.  With RF charging, the transmitter sends out a radio signal.  This signal is picked up by the device and converted from a radio frequency into electricity that can be used to charge the device.

The only problem: it’s highly inefficient.


Apple’s Wireless Charging Patent

best cell phone repair shop in BillingsAs of now, this is all still speculation based on a vague patent filing that was discovered on the patent office website.  But here’s what we know.

The charge is more of a trickle charge.  Because RF charging is inefficient, we wouldn’t be able to charge all of our devices quickly just by having them all in the room with the transmitter.  In fact, the charge is so weak that you still have to be within a few feet of the transmitter (most likely the limit will be about 10 feet).

But just being near the transmitter won’t be quite enough.  The transmitter won’t send out enough power to do multiple devices at the same time.  So you will have to choose the order of priority.  Let’s say you want your iPhone to charge first, then your Apple watch, and finally your iPad.  Each one will utilize the charge until full, and only then will the next device start to charge.

Many of these details have been gleaned from the patent filed.  They coincide with Apple working with Energous to make true wireless charging a reality.


iDoctor Fixes Phones

When wireless charging does hit the market (assuming it does, there have been many times when big corporations patent a technology, and then never develop it), it will be great.  But it will also break.  Both the transmitter and the receiver will break.  And guess who can fix it?  That’s right, the best cell phone repair shop in Billings!

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