Laptop Battery Replacement in Billings, MT

How to Change the Battery in Your Laptop

You have noticed it with your phone.  It just doesn’t seem to last as long on a single charge as it used to.  It’s not your imagination, the battery isn’t as powerful as it was when new.  Over time, these things wear out.

Laptop battery replacement in Billings

In your laptop it’s no different.  In many cases, if the battery is old enough, the thing won’t even have enough juice to turn on unless it is plugged into the wall.  Fortunately, battery replacement can be done at home (for many computers).  As the best laptop repair shop in Billings, we want to show you how!

How to Replace a Laptop Battery

Many laptops have detachable batteries.  If you have one of these devices, then you’re in luck!  Replacing the battery is as simple as turning off the computer, flipping it over and locating the battery.

replacing a laptop battery

Simply unclip, and lift the old battery out.  Clip the new battery in, and you’re all set.  When you are purchasing a new battery, use caution.  A cheap battery found online may not have the right specifications, and could potentially cause a fire.  Only use those that are certified to comply with your computer.

How to replace a laptop battery

How to Replace an Internal Laptop Battery

As computers get lighter, thinner, and more efficient, batteries are getting lighter, thinner, and more efficient.  This means there are a few extra steps involved when you want to change out the battery in your laptop.  Once again, turn the device off, and flip it over.  Now, instead of a battery that unclips, you will see a compartment or two that are attached with screws.

removing the back cover on a samsung laptop

Depending on your model, you will have to remove a lot of screws; some of them may be hidden underneath another compartment.  On the particular Samsung shown above, two of the screws are inside the hard drive compartment, and only able to be accessed when the hard drive has been removed.

Take out all of the screws, and gently pry off the bottom of the laptop with a plastic tool.  When exposed, you can see the guts and the battery.  It’s a matter of disconnecting, and reconnecting the new component.

When you get into replacing an internal laptop battery, you need a little bit of technical know-how.  If you believe that your skills are up to the task, or you aren’t worried if the machine is damaged in the process (do a backup first!), then go for it.  Otherwise, iDoctor provides laptop battery replacement services in Billings.

How to Replace a MacBook Battery

Apple makes computers a little bit differently.  Even the oldest models have built-in batteries.  And that means you have to open up the entire unit for even the simplest of repairs.  The concept is to keep things sleek, allow fewer moving parts (less chance of accidental damage), and because they can.  It also means that you need a little more skill to access the batter.

Like any internal laptop battery, you have to remove screws and gently pry off the bottom.  Unclip the old battery, and install the new.

There’s a good chance that the laptop will be damaged in the process if you haven’t done this before, so we highly recommend bringing your MacBook (or any other Apple laptop) in to our shop for battery replacement.

We Do More than Laptop Battery Replacement in Billings

Here at iDoctor, our goal is to be the best computer repair store in Billings.  That means we want to make the process as easy and painless as possible!  If you want to tackle your repairs at home, awesome!  But as technology advances, these repairs get harder and harder.  The result is that many people start them, and then can’t finish.  They bring them to us, and it ends up costing more to have the work done.

If you need a laptop battery replaced, or any other work done on your computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or other device, come see us at either of our Billings locations.