How to Backup Your Computer

Computer backupBackup Your Computer so you don’t Lose Important Files

We use our computers for a lot of different purposes. Sure some is to surf the internet, play on Facebook, and other non-essentials to life. But we also use them to do our taxes, research, write papers, and store important documents (not to mention the priceless items like pictures of the family). If you have yet to backup your computer, now is the time to do so in order to prevent a major mishap. You never know when you will be in need of computer repair, and if something badly damages your hard drive, your files could be lost forever. Here’s how to back everything up, the process is really pretty easy.


Buy an External Hard Drive

You need to have extra space for your backup. Now you can backup to DVD’s, internal hard drives, or even thumb drives. But most people have more information on their computer than will fit on DVD’s or thumb drives, and unless you know how to install an extra internal hard drive, then your best bet is a high quality external.

If you want the best of the best, give us a call and we can tell you our favorite brands. If you don’t care about the brand, just shoot for quality. Keep in mind that in the digital world the cheaper items won’t last nearly as long, and you may even pay for a bigger drive than you get. For instance, there are extremely cheap thumb drives that advertise 256gb. However, these have been hacked, reused, recycled, and changed so that your computer will see 256gb, but in reality there is only 16gb. Go with a well known brand, and pay for something good. Keep in mind you will want something twice as big as your current hard drive.

Setting up your external hard drive is as easy as plugging in the cords, no real step by step needed there. If you’re having trouble, call us. We can even get the ball rolling through our remote computer repair services.


Backing up your Hard Drive with a Windows Computer

Windows makes it pretty easy to back things up anymore. If you have a PC that runs on Windows 7, here are your steps.

StartClick the Start Button (that’s the little Windows icon in the lower left) and select Control Panel.

From there you will see a screen that looks like this:

computer repair

Select “Backup your computer” and then select “setup backup”

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You will find a list of all your drives that are installed. Your new external drive should be on the list. Click that one and then follow the steps to do a full backup.

That’s all there is to it. After the process runs you will now have all of your files safely stored onto an external hard drive. If you want to remove the drive and put it in a safety deposit box, you can do that so nothing is lost in case of a fire.

If you have a Windows 8 computer things are even easier.   After you install your external hard drive, you turn on the program called File History.

To do this you plug in your drive and you will get a notice that asks you to configure the drive. Click on that and select “Configure this drive for backup File History”. The rest is as easy as following the steps. If you don’t see the configure popup, don’t worry. This article shows how to turn on File History the back way.

Once File History is on, your computer will backup every hour all on its own.


Backing up your Hard Drive with an Apple Computer

Apple has made it easy to backup files for a number of years now with their program called Time Machine. Time Machine does the same as File History and automatically backs up your files every hour, every day, and every week.

When you plug in your new external hard drive the computer will ask you if you want to use the disk to backup your Mac. Select “Use as Backup Disk” and then follow the instructions.

If for some reason you want to turn Time Machine off, just click on the little icon in the upper right that looks like this:

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Mac makes things very easy, and accessing your old files is as easy as opening Time Machine and flipping through the dates to find when your file was saved.


Bring it in for Computer Repair

There are times when you need computer repairs done. If you have saved all of your files to an external drive, it is no problem to restore your computer to exactly how it was; even if you accidentally download a virus that wipes everything out. If you haven’t backed up your computer, there is a chance that some of your files will be lost forever.

iDoctor specializes in computer repair in Billings, Montana. We can do most repairs remotely through our sophisticated remote access software, but there are times when you will need to bring the unit in. Whether it is a Mac, a PC, a Tablet, Phone, or something else, we can fix it!