Cloud Based Storage Helps Your Business

Make the Change from Server to Cloud

Have you ever wondered, “What is the cloud?”  You’re not alone.  If you have email, Facebook, or any other online account you use it, and you have been using it for years.  The cloud is a somewhat mystical name given to any online storage.  As internet speeds have improved over the years, the cloud has become more popular for storing not just some pictures, but literally every bit of data that you own.  Now instead of just saving your pictures on a site like Flickr, you can back up your entire computer to the cloud.

cloud based storage

But the cloud isn’t just for backing up your data (it’s a big deal, back everything up!).  Instead, if you have a data heavy business, you can use the cloud to get rid of your servers that are taking up space, eating up your electricity, and likely slowing you down.

Here’s how upgrading to a cloud based storage solution is going to help your business.

Less Hardware to Maintain

Servers are big, clunky, and expensive.  Over time, they will wear out or become obsolete just like any other piece of technology hardware.  Not only that, but as your data needs grow, you have to invest in more and more devices or risk running out of space and having your systems slow down considerably.

Let someone else maintain the hardware, you maintain the data!  Using the cloud means if you need more space, it’s as simple as upgrading your plan and not trying to find a new server to connect to the system.

Fewer Crashes to Deal with

As technology ages, it gets weaker (for lack of a better word).  When that happens, you deal with crashes.  Those crashes can wipe out valuable data.  In addition to that, what about physical threats?  Floods, power surges, theft, and vandalism aren’t anything to be ignored.

Using cloud based storage you get rid of the threats, and eliminate the crashes.  Big name companies have top-of-the-line equipment that you get to use making these problems disappear.

Portability to Take Data Anywhere

If you have to meet clients outside of your office, how do you take the data with you?  Some is on your computer, some you can put on a flash drive, but if you have to access anything from your servers while you’re away from the office, you’re making awkward phone calls trying to get things emailed to you (if that’s even an option).

Cloud based storage means it’s always at your fingertips.  As long as you have an internet connection, your data is right there.

Safe Data for Clients

Network security is a big deal.  As hackers and online thieves get more sophisticated, your data gets more vulnerable.  That means your business is at risk if your clients’ information is stolen!  You can put security measures into place, but they often cost many hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per month!

When you have a subscription to a cloud based server, that protection is built right in.  Safer data that’s easier to access.

Lower Utility Bills

Servers are power hungry.  Every time you add to them, your bills go up.  As you expand, those bills will just get higher and higher.  Getting rid of the power hungry devices means you have lower bills.

Ultimately it’s a zero sum game right?  If you don’t use the electricity someone else will, and what about polluting less?  Did you know that all operations for Google are 100% solar powered?  They produce literally all of their own electricity.  While Google is just one option, the trend is for big companies to lead the way in sustainable electricity consumption.


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