Apple is trying to Separate from Samsung

Every iPhone Manufactured Makes Samsung Money

It’s a well known fact that Samsung and Apple are fierce rivals.  They’re constantly vying for market share, and they are putting out ads that take little digs at the other’s product.  That’s how we see it from the consumer point of view.  All we see is the end product.

Apple and Samsung phone repairs

The truth behind these products, however, is that many use the exact same components.  And in the case of the iPhone X, the display screen is actually made by Samsung.  In essence, Samsung is getting a little slice of the pie every time one of these devices is sold.

Apple is making moves to change that so that Samsung doesn’t profit from their product.


iPhone OLED Display Screen

Samsung gets high marks when it comes to their screens.  They implemented OLED a few years ago and they have seen huge success and high ratings.  Apple realized this, and took the Samsung screen, integrated it with Apple technology, and created a phone with a display that receives the highest ratings ever from a third party tester.

But helping grow a competitor’s bottom line generally isn’t good for business, and puts Apple at risk of being bumped to second place in terms of sales.


iPhone Invests in BOE for OLED Screens

Apple actually has two reasons for investing in another company to produce screens.  First, to reduce the money they’re paying to Samsung, and second to have another supplier for when demand rises.  It’s always good to have multiple sources of a product.

BOE has stepped up, and they plan to upgrade their facilities to help meet that demand.  To the tune of over $7billion going into their plants to optimize production.  While BOE is currently behind the times a little bit in their capabilities, they make up for it in innovation.  They are on the forefront of creating flexible OLED screens.  Many believe that this partnership with Apple may lead to the first foldable iPhone display (Apple actually filed for a patent in late November for the flexible, or foldable, display).  Will iPhone users soon see some major display innovation coming from Apple?

What this Means for You

iPhones are expensive.  Every year the new model comes out, and the costs continue to rise.  But that’s the price of buying an iPhone, which many believe to be more about paying for the symbol of being an iPhone user and not for the best technology on the market).  What this move means for you, if you’re an iPhone fan, is that the next iteration of phones is going to cost even more.  Bigger investment means pricier phones to offset that investment and still make a profit.

What it doesn’t mean, however, is that you won’t be able to get your phone fixed!  A flexible display might actually be better since it could, theoretically, flex when dropped instead of shattering like a rigid display often does.  In the end, you pay more, but you get a more durable product.

Of course, when MicroLED replaces OLED, this will all be moot.


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