You Need a Security Assessment

What does a Security Assessment even Mean?

The more technology advances, the more advanced security attacks become. It’s actually pretty ironic. Because our world is becoming ever-increasingly connected, sometimes, the very mechanisms you put in place for your protection are exactly the same ones that expose your organization to cyber attacks. And just one security breach can be enough to damage your reputation or bring your entire business down.

you need a security assessment

This is why the need for a security assessment has now become an essential part of maintaining the integrity of your operations. Sure, you can opt to enforce security solutions on your own. But if it’s not really your expertise, you might be doing more harm than good. You may think you’re saving yourself from an unnecessary expense. But when something happens, you’ll find out soon enough how wrong you are. Because the loss you incur will be far more costly than what you would have spent for a proper assessment that would have kept your data secure.


What is a security assessment?

IT servies in BillingsIn a nutshell, a security assessment identifies the vulnerabilities in your system that can be targeted by those with malicious (and possibly hostile) intent. It’s conducted by an IT expert (most small businesses can’t afford one in house, that’s why we offer IT services!) and involves comprehensive data gathering about the entire workings of your business, including your goals, policies, procedures, personnel, infrastructure, technologies and of course, your security measures. Tests are then performed to evaluate the effectiveness of your safeguards. Finally, a security report reflecting what your risk areas are and recommendations on how to best resolve those security gaps is provided.

Like your financial audit that is conducted every year, your security assessment should likewise be done with the same frequency to ensure that you know where your company stands, and you can initiate adjustments accordingly. This necessarily means that if you go through the trouble of having an assessment conducted, you should be ready to allocate part of your budget to implement the recommended remedial actions.


What are the benefits of having periodic security assessments?

virus removal billings mtGoing beyond mere compliance to government regulations that dictate what security measures should be implemented and how frequently they should be audited, you should voluntarily conduct regular security assessments for the following reasons:

  • To find out if there is an ongoing security breach that needs fixing. Much like a disease, it’s better to detect an anomaly early on while it hasn’t done much damage yet, rather than catch it later when it has done irreparable damage.
  • To keep your company updated on the latest security threats and keep yourself protected against new kinds of attacks.
  • To ensure that everyone in your organization is aware of the importance of IT security so everyone can be vigilant about potential threats and have these reported promptly for immediate handling.
  • To determine which security measures to invest in that would best benefit the company.
  • To show your customers how much you value your security, and that you are willing to spend reasonably and use your resources to ensure that all your company data (including your customers’ data) are kept protected and secure.

Finally, remember that the security of your data is integral to the continued success of your company. If that isn’t enough motivation, we don’t know what is.


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