The Windows Smartphone Has Officially Died

Support Remains; Updates and Developments Do Not

In the battle of the phones there are relatively few options.  In fact, if you ask around you will likely only hear two: Android vs. iPhone.  Most people don’t realize that there are a few others out there.  But they grab such a tiny portion of the market share that they’re virtually unheard of (and often only exist overseas).

Windows Smartphone Has Died

In a recent development it was finally disclosed to the public that Windows will not be making any more phones.  It doesn’t come as much of a surprise since despite efforts the company simply couldn’t compete with the bigger names in the phone industry.


Windows Smartphone No Longer Developing

Joe Belfiore, VP of operating systems at Microsoft, recently tweeted that the phone has indeed ceased development.  The indication is that those using the phone will still be able to receive support, but no further software or hardware developments will be performed.


Windows Phone has Been Dying

It isn’t a surprise that the phone has gone belly up.  In fact, over the past few years there were major indications that this day was coming.  Belfiore ad Bill Gates recently switched to an Android platform.  The New York Police Department even went away from the platform over the summer.  They were using 36,000 Nokia Windows phones, but when the word got out that the phone was dying, they scrapped all of them and switched to iPhones.


What Does the Dead Windows Phone Mean for Consumers?

Phone repair in BillingsNow for the important information: what’s that mean for you?  If you’re a Windows phone user, are you stuck with an obsolete brick?

The answer: yes and no.  While Windows is no longer making progress forward, they’re not making progress backward either.  You can still receive support from Microsoft regarding your phone, and you can also still bring it in to iDoctor here in Billings for repairs.  The “yes” part of the answer, however, depends on how long you wait.

Currently the phone is not obsolete.  But the longer you keep it, the more likely it is going to be that something will change, and you won’t be able to update or fix your phone.  Eventually the parts will become scarce, and you will have to deal with a broken phone (or upgrade).  The good news, of course, is that this will be in a couple of years.  By that time you will likely have upgraded anyway.


iDoctor Fixes all Makes of Phones

While we do fix a ton of iPhones (because that’s the most popular phone out there) we aren’t limited to just iPhones!  We fix all makes and models of phones.  No matter what brand or operating system, if your phone isn’t working properly, bring it to one of our two locations in Billings to have it fixed up and working as though it was new.