Will Samsung Release a Bendable Phone Soon?

Galaxy X Rumored to be Flexible

There’s a long standing joke amongst iPhone and Samsung fanatics that anything that Samsung does, Apple will come out with the same technology two years later.  Samsung user mocks iPhone users for coming out with “new” technology that they have had for quite a while; iPhone users mock Samsung users saying that they launched the technology whereas Apple perfected it.

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Whatever camp you fall into, the ultimate winner is the people who are using phones.  Whether the technology is pioneered earlier or implemented later, the end result is that the competition between these two companies results in the general public getting better phones every year.  So it doesn’t really come as much of a surprise that Samsung is rumored to be developing a bendable phone.

Samsung Galaxy X will Release…

… sometime.  The original rumor was that when iPhone launched the iPhone X, their 10th anniversary phone, that Galaxy would launch their similarly named phone around the same time.  But the latest rumor is that the Galaxy 8 has fared so well that the X will be postponed for another year.

What we can count on, however, is that the Galaxy X will have newer and more advanced technology than the previous model, and it will come out with a phone that causes the same stir as usual: it will pioneer something new that Apple will “develop” a year or two later.

Technology has been trending toward bendable for quite some time.  In fact, the idea is nothing new, and there have been a handful of prototypes that have already come out (Samsung even had one back in 2009).

Samsung Galaxy s8

Will it be a Bendable Phone?

The hard part about speculating the new technology is that these companies are very tight lipped about even what they’re developing.  But that doesn’t mean they don’t allude to new technology.

In press releases Samsung talks about what they call a “foldable phone.”  The concept is that people want bigger screens, but these things are a pain to carry around.  They barely fit into pockets, but the larger screen makes them much more versatile.  So this new phone would be able to be folded in half when it’s not in use, but then opened up for a full display with bezel-less technology employing all the latest innovations with OLED displays.

So we know that it’s on the way.  What we don’t know is when the Samsung bendy phone, foldable phone, or flexible phone (however it plays out), will actually be released.  What we do know, however, is that it will once again shake up the market.

As the above linked Forbes article states, “The Galaxy X is not about improving upon existing smartphones, it’s about completely changing how we imagine and use them.”  True innovation doesn’t just make a better mousetrap, it completely redesigns the notion behind the mousetrap to begin with.

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