What’s the Fastest Cellular Network?

Each Claims Speed; Which Wins?

The battle of the cellular networks continues.  While Samsung wages war with iPhone over who has the best smartphone, the carriers are also waging war.  Each claims to have the largest network, and each claims to have the fastest cellular network.  So which is it?

fastest cellular network

Lately T-Mobile has dumped a ton of money into their LTE network to boost speeds.  They claim that they now have the fastest around.  The National Advertising Division (a third party watch dog) recommended that they stop claiming to be the fastest, an act that suggests they are not indeed the fastest.  But T-Mobile has no intentions of stopping their claims.

Fortunately, we live in a world where claims can be tested.  Here is what we found out.


The Winner Is…

… it depends on where you live.  Here in Montana we get the joy of not having access to all of the carriers.  In fact, it doesn’t matter if T-Mobile is boasting super speeds, we don’t get them.  Eventually it looks like the Billings area will have access to the big four: T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.  It will be great for us when we do because competition is always good for the consumer.

PC Magazine recently did some tests, and they determined that the fasted overall network out there is actually Verizon.  But Verizon only wins by a hair, and it doesn’t win in all tests across the board.

T-Mobile comes in a close second, AT&T isn’t that far behind, and Sprint lags considerably.  But again, it depends on where you live.  In some cities one carrier was far superior, but in another city it was the worst.  This is how Verizon gets to claim the title of the fastest; it was the most consistent anywhere it was tested.


The Future of Cellular Speeds

The issue isn’t really who has the fastest.  The issue is who will be the fastest tomorrow.  Every day the companies are coming up with something new.  Every couple of months they are rolling out new software to improve experience and speeds.  Networks are being changed and upgraded, expansions are being improved and grown, and even firmware within the phone itself helps to improve speed.

But the biggest factor will arrive in about a year.

Around the end of 2018, the 5G network is supposed to start to roll out.  While the claims are still somewhat vague, rumor has it that 5G will be faster than fiber-optic internet.  That means the 60ish Mbs that you get with Charter Internet will be slower than your phone.  With an unlimited plan you can create a hotspot in your home and negate the need to pay for one more service.  Will it work out that way?  We will know in about 12 months.


iDoctor Fixes Phones Fast

If you’re running at 3G speeds, we will fix your phone just as fast as if you’re running on 5G speeds.  Our goal is to make sure that your technology is working for you.  If your screen is cracked, then we will get it repaired so that there are no distractions.  Come check out either of our cell phone repair stores in Billings, one on the West End and one in the Heights.  We will get you fixed up no matter who has the fastest cellular network.