What Repairs does iDoctor do?

We have Mastered Repairs on Many Devices

Here at iDoctor our goal is to make sure your devices are working for you.  It is really that simple.  The business is designed around making sure that your technology is expertly repaired so that there are no problems, and you get to enjoy the devices that you’ve spent your hard earned cash on.

Repair Services at iDoctor

But that encompasses a wide variety of services.  While one of the main repairs that we do is replacing broken screens on iPhones, that’s not all that we’re up to!  Here’s a list of some of the most common repairs we see come through our doors.


Smartphone Repair in Billings, MT

Are you an iPhone fan?  We see loads of iPhone screen repairs come through our doors at both the West End and the Heights iDoctor locations.  Is Samsung your preferred smartphone?  We replace Samsung screens as well.  No matter the brand, and no matter the issue, we can fix your smartphone.

Screens break the easiest, but they aren’t the only failure points.  We see charging ports that need replaced (or often it’s simply a matter of getting pocket lint out so they connect again).  We see water damage (especially in the summer when people are the pool or lake).  And we see bent casings, broken home buttons, and camera lenses that are damaged.

Smartphone repair in Billings, MT

If it’s a broken smartphone, you don’t even have to bring it to us!  We do mobile phone repairs; just call us at 406-272-6516 and set an appointment and let us come to you.


Computer Repair in Billings, MT

When we say, “Computer repair” we mean just about all forms of repairs.  Like a phone, there’s more than just one thing that breaks when it comes to computers.

Have you damaged the screen or hinge on your laptop?  Bring it in and we’ll get it taken care of.  Have you accidentally downloaded some malware or a virus?  We will wipe it out, and make sure you can access your data.  Some sort of hardware damage?  We’ll fix it up.  Need to upgrade to a solid state drive so your computer is more efficient?  One customer claims the computer boots faster than the monitor can turn on.

Computer Repair in Billings, MT

Some repairs are easier done at home.  Call our mobile computer repair services at 406-272-6516 to see if we can come to you.


Tablet Repair in Billings, MT

Tablets are rapidly replacing computers.  That means more people are using these highly portable devices, and more people are dropping them.  A dropped phone ends up breaking; a dropped tablet ends up breaking more often.  The larger size and weight simply means more force of impact and greater likelihood of damage.

From a cracked screen, to a damaged casing, to a busted charging port, or even a tablet virus, we can get you fixed up.  Our master technicians understand technology, and they know what to do in order to get yours working again for you.

Tablet Repair in Billings, MT

Can’t make it to Billings?  We offer mail-in repair services!  Don’t pay outrageous prices, simply call us with questions and then pop it in the mail to be repaired.


Technology Repair in Billings, MT

Yes, this one is a bit broad.  But so is technology.  From television sets, to drones, to Bluetooth devices, to parts of your smart-home, we can fix them!  Our general rule is that if it has a chip in it, it’s in our realm of repair services.

But don’t think that it has to be broken in order for us to repair it!  Our IT services can help with your in home or in office networking.  We have mobile services that cater to the Billings community and help set up printers, computers, routers, and more.  If you’re in need, and it has to do with technology, call us and explain your need.  If we can’t do it for you, then we will point you in the right direction.

Technology Repair in Billings, MT

iDoctor Offers Repair Services to Billings

Here at iDoctor our joy comes from taking your busted up tech, and turning it back into a fully functioning device for you.  In an age where a lot of “stuff” is thrown out, buck that trend.  Repair, upgrade, and reuse your devices so that you can save some money, and keep getting use from your technology.

With two locations in Billings to serve you, we are conveniently located to (almost) everyone.