What Does more RAM do for a Phone?

The New iPhones will have more RAM

Just a few days ago Apple announced the latest versions of the iPhone.  There wasn’t a whole lot of fanfare about the iPhone 8, it seems that this phone was more of a “cheap” version to keep the customers happy.  The big focus, however, was on the iPhone X.  The 10th anniversary edition of the phone does have some cool features.

What does more RAM do for a phone

One of the biggest things that most people overlook when a new phone comes out is the speed and processing power.  It’s more fun to focus on bezel-less displays, all-glass backs, improved cameras, and wireless charging.  But it’s important to know that the new phones are faster and stronger than previous versions.


iPhone X vs iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is a pretty sweet phone.  If you are debating whether or not you should upgrade from a 7 to an 8, the answer is likely, “no.”  There just isn’t enough improvement to justify the cost (unless you want the newest, in which case yes, you should upgrade).

But if you want to upgrade to the X, then that’s a whole other story.

The iPhone 7 is a powerful phone, and it comes equipped with 2gb of RAM.  The iPhone X is even more powerful and comes equipped with 3gb of RAM.  That 1gb doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s 50% more RAM, and that is a big boost to your phone’s computing capactiy.

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What does more RAM do for a Phone?

RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory, is what computers and phones use to think.  There are a variety of different components that go into the computing process, but the RAM is what helps your phone run the programs.

As you open a program, the phone draws data out of storage (that’s the 16gb or 64gb that you see when you buy the phone).  But it has to store temporary memory in order to power up the application.  That memory can’t be stored in the main memory department, and so the phone will use RAM.

Think of it like your brain completing a task.  You know how to do it, so you draw that out of your memory.  But then you have to keep track of each step, so that goes into a shorter term memory.  That short-term memory is like RAM.

So what does more RAM do for a phone?  It helps the phone process faster.  More storage space means more apps can be open without running out of memory.  Newer and more RAM will also help the phone run faster even if it’s not at capacity.

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