Want to Grow Your Own Food?

There’s an App for That!

How many apps are on your phone?  If you had to guess would you say that there are 10? 20? 100?  A recent survey showed that throughout the month the average smartphone user accesses around 30 apps.  There are, of course, many more on the phone that are used less than once each month.  Apps are designed to make life easier, faster, and more efficient (or provide entertainment).

grow duo grow your own food app

One of those apps that make life a little easier is an app designed to water your plants for you.  Yes, something as simple as keeping plants alive is now done with artificial intelligence.  It’s quirky, but it’s a little more than just keeping plants alive.  Keep reading as iDoctor, your source for phone and computer repairs in Billings, explains.


Grow Your Own Food with GROW Duo

The concept is that we should all be growing at least a portion of our own food.  This reduces the strain on commercial farmers, prevents fruits and vegetables from shipping to us from around the world, and homegrown food really does taste better.  But most people aren’t gardeners or farmers.  They don’t know how to keep a plant alive, when to harvest, or how to monitor the weather.  That’s where the GROW Duo comes into play.

This app connected planter box starts working before the seeds even go into the dirt.  A variety of sensors relay information back to the app, which monitors things like soil temperatures, environmental changes, and soil moisture.  All you have to do is hook the box up to a water source, plant the seeds, and watch your food grow.

When it comes time to harvest, the app will give you a “nudge” to indicate that you need to pick your food.  It actually looks like a pretty neat way to grow your own food and let the robots slowly take over your life… er, let you live a happier and healthier life.

The downside, of course, is the cost.  Growing your own food can help you save money when you do it the traditional way (in a garden without a fancy planter box connected to an app).  You won’t be saving money with GROW Duo.  If you pre-order one box will run you $199; if you wait that price jumps to $249.  Suffice to say, if you’re into gardening as a hobby and something fun to do with kids, this may be for you.  If you’re into saving money, a packet of seeds costs something like $.99.


iDoctor Fixes Vegetable Plants

We don’t fix vegetable plants.  If your tomato plant gets crushed and the stalks broken, there isn’t anything we can do about it (except direct you to the nearest gardening center where you can purchase a replacement plant).  We do, however, fix phones (and any other technology that you happen to break).  If you drop your phone and shatter the screen, bring it on in.  If you download a How-To guide on growing plants, and it turns out to be a virus and not a guide, bring your computer in and we’ll clean it up.

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