Some Verizon Stores Teaming up with Repair Franchises

Verizon is Adopting a New Strategy

Cell phone vendors, like Verizon and the other big name cell carriers, have a business model that doesn’t like repairs.  Their goal is to either sell you insurance that will replace your phone if you break, lose, or otherwise can’t use it anymore, or they want you to just upgrade to a new device.  These things make them money.  But there is a new “insurance” plan popping up at stores around the country.  A plan to fix the phone.

Verizon Screen Repair insurance plan

At least 220 stores in 34 states are on board so far (Montana isn’t one of them).  These stores have partnered with franchise repair shops to repair your broken phone instead of replacing it.  But it begs the question: is it a good deal to you, the consumer, to go with their repair plan?  Let’s take a look.


How the Repair Plan Works

For a small monthly charge ($11) you can get their Total Mobile Protection plan that will allow you to have your phone’s screen repaired at no cost.  Well, almost no cost.  There’s a $79 deductible.  You can have your phone repaired 3 times throughout the year before you hit your plans limits.  It sounds like a great deal… especially if you compare to the cost of replacing the phone.  And that’s exactly what Verizon wants you to believe.  But most people aren’t going to replace their phone when the screen is cracked.  Instead, they will bring it to iDoctor for a screen repair.


Is it a Good Deal?

ipod repair montanaLet’s suppose you do indeed drop your phone and break it three times throughout the year.  How much did you pay to have the phone fixed?  You think it’s a good deal because you’re claiming it on the insurance plan.

Throughout the year you pay $132 for the insurance, plus $237 for the repairs, for an out of pocket cost of $369.  That’s $123 per screen repair.  Most screen repairs for the phones covered by Verizon’s new plan (the iPhone SE, 5c, 5s, 6, 6Plus, 6s, and 6s Plus, some Samsung Galaxies, and a couple Motorola phones) are right around that price, or even less (especially if you come to iDoctor during Free Fridays, in which case they’re substantially less than that).  If you need 2 repairs through Verizon’s plan it will run you $145 each; one repair takes you up to $212.

The bottom line: you’re going to end up paying more with this “insurance” plan than if you bring your phone to iDoctor.  In fact, there are few places around the country where you would ever pay more out of pocket than you would with this insurance.

When compared to the price of a new phone, it looks like a great deal.  When compared to other costs of what you can reasonably expect; it’s really not.


Let iDoctor fix your Broken Phones

Every year millions of people break their phones.  Many of them live with a cracked screen that doesn’t function fully, isn’t easy to read, and can end up giving slivers.  Don’t suffer from a broken screen, and don’t waste your money on a protection plan!  Instead, let iDoctor fix your broken phone.  We even have mobile repair services; we will come to you to complete the repair (call us at 406-272-6516 to schedule an appointment).