Using Technology to Further Education

Screen Time isn’t Always Time Wasted

For years doctors around the country have preached the mantra: Limit Screen Time!  Naturally few people heed their advice, and kids around the country find unique ways to sneak in a few extra hours of television, computers, iPads, gaming, and phones.  So is all that screen time hurting or helping?  We aren’t medical doctors, we’re iDoctors, so we can’t tell you the long-term effects.

Educational Games technology to teach

What we do know is that technology is a tool that can be used to enhance if you let it.  Through our Montana spring there are often rainy and snowy days that prevent playing outside.  So here are ways that you can use technology to enrich instead of entertain.

Play Educational Games with Alexa

Alexa is a great tool for any home.  Naturally most of us just play music through the speakers, but the device goes far beyond that.  For instance, if you want to hone your math skills you can ask Alexa to play 123 Math and choose from easy, medium, or hard levels of play.  If you want a fun game you can play Animal Game.  You think of an animal, and Alexa will ask questions until she figures out which animal you had in mind.  There are hundreds of educational games through your Alexa device that can provide hours of educational play.

Hop onto for Educational Computer Games

Little kids love noises and colors.  ABCYa! is able to combine those into educational games.  With games like Keyboard Zoo that will help the little one learn to identify where letters are on the keyboard, sound out the letters, and learn animals whose names begin with that letter, it’s a great way to keep them busy for hours and “trick” them into learning.  There are tons of other games that are a free way to occupy your child so you can finally get the dishes done.

Learn to Code for the Future

Kids are a lot smarter than we think.  Their undeveloped brains aren’t filled with the junk that we, as adults, have filled them with.  So rather than worrying about paying the electric bill, whether or not co-workers are mad at them, or trying to guess if the weather will be nice enough to golf this weekend, they are thinking logically (between having emotional meltdowns).  This is the perfect time to train the brain and prep it on how to code!   Computer coding is the structure on which just about everything functions and it’s not going away anytime soon.  Helping them to learn coding at a young age will give them a big boost when it’s time to put those skills to use in high school and college.  Check out this link for 7 great coding apps.

Get Outside and Explore

As summer approaches the number of nice days increases.  We have tumultuous weather here in Billings through the spring; it can be 60 and sunny one day, and the next snowing and won’t break 30.  On those good days, let your kids hang on to their tech, but get them outside!  From Geocaching, to stargazing, there are plenty of ways to incorporate technology with exploration, exercise, and adventure.  We wrote about it a while ago.  Take a look at getting your kids outside with technology and see what creative things you can come up with.


Limit Screen Time when Appropriate

Here at iDoctor we thrive on technology.  But we know that nothing beats getting out in the fresh air, learning, and experiencing life first-hand and not through the lens of another.  When appropriate let them use technology.  It doesn’t have to be zone out and watch cartoons, but it can be educational and help to develop their minds.  Of course, when you need a break the screen is a good occupier.  But when that screen breaks, come to either of our Billings repair shops and we can get it fixed back up for you.