Upgrade to the New Microsoft Surface Book 2

It’s Better than the MacBook Pro

Full disclosure: we’re just going on claims here.  Computer use is very subjective, so the claim that the MS Surface Book is better than the MacBook Pro is only based on a couple of specs.  Computers, as well as phones, boil down to what suits your needs and works best for you the individual.  That said the MS Surface Book 2 does look pretty impressive.

Computer and Laptop Repair in Billings Microsoft Surface Book 2

Until the new units are actually shipped, and able to be tested by third parties that don’t have a dog in the fight, it looks like Microsoft may have stepped up their game to put the pressure on Apple computers.


The New Microsoft Surface Book 2

Before we jump into it, we’re talking about the Surface Book 2.  This is the laptop-tablet hybrid computer that is different than the Surface Laptop.  And it does look impressive.

It comes with all the latest Intel Core processing power, and the latest graphics options.  It claims to be five times as fast as the original Surface Book, and twice as powerful as the latest MacBook Pro (although that’s hard to compare since they’re completely different operating systems).

With two versions, a 13 inch and a 15 inch, weight is a key issue.  The Surface Book 2 clocks in at 3.38 and 4.2 pounds respectively.  Just a few ounces more than the MacBook Pro.

Where the differences really come in are battery life and pixels.  Apple has long struggled with terrible batteries.  They’re not as much of an issue in their laptops, but the iPhones have a running complaint that, “We want moar battery!”  Of course you run into the same problem with Android, but with a removable battery that’s not as big of an issue.  So Microsoft stepped up their game.

The Surface Book 2 boasts an impressive 17 hours of continuous video playback.  Their competition will only claim up to 10 hours of video playback on their devices.  70% more battery power is impressive… if it turns out to be true.  It was just earlier this year that the battery life was grossly overstated by a wide variety of laptop manufacturers (to the tune of many HOURS less than what they claimed).

Macs are often seen as the graphics computer.  That is, those in the video, photography, and design business use them extensively.  The Surface Book 2 is trying to edge in on the competition with the claim that the 15 inch Surface Book 2 has 45% more pixels (7 million of them) than the MacBook Pro.  Quite the increase (again if it turns out to be true).

We will know the actual truth in about a month.  Pre-orders for the $1,499 machine start on November 9th, and shipping starts November 16th.  Now check out the video on the new Microsoft Surface Book 2.


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