Trying to Charge your iPhone Faster?

Charge Your iPhone Faster with These Tips

Doesn’t it often feel that your phone’s battery gets depleted during those times when you least want it to? And doesn’t it also feel that it’s never charging fast enough for you to be able to use it normally again? We’ve all been there. And we all know how it feels like we’re somehow disconnected from the world while were “patiently” waiting for our phone to be recharged. Which is why quick charging is one of those features that phone makers are striving to include as part of their technology.

How to charge your iphone faster

We know they’re trying. And although some Android phones already include this feature, sadly, the same can’t be said for iPhones. But don’t think for a moment that you can just sit idly by while your iPhone takes its own sweet time to recharge. There are a few things you can do to speed it up a little and charge your iPhone faster.

Charge your iPhone Faster by Doing Less

For starters, you should know that your battery will charge faster if your iPhone is doing less, or even better, doing nothing while it’s charging. This is the reason behind the widely recommended technique of switching to Airplane Mode when one is charging.

While on Airplane mode, your phone will lose its ability to connect to the Internet, which means it can’t fetch or download information. This also means, however, that you won’t be able to receive calls and text messages as well. For this reason, this technique isn’t advisable if you happen to be waiting for an important call or text, or you need to send one.

If such is the case, you can tweak other settings instead. For instance, you can lower your screen brightness, disable app notifications, and turn off your Wi-Fi, Infrared and Bluetooth.


Charge your iPhone Faster by Powering Down

How to repair a computerIf you can survive it, you can help expedite the charging process simply by turning it off. Of course, while your phone is turned off, it’s not using any power at all, which makes charging go faster. And while you’re waiting, why not use the time to do other things that don’t require your phone, like maybe talk to your friends or your family in person, go for a walk, watch cat videos on your computer, or do some pushups.


Charge your iPhone Faster using your iPad charger

If you’re hesitant to do this, don’t be. Because Apple itself endorses this technique.

Your iPhone charger is powered by 5-volts, and uses 1 amp to produce 5 watts. On the other hand, an iPad’s charger is powered by 5.1 volts, and uses 2.1 amps to produce 12 watts. This difference in power is what will make charging using an iPad charger faster than an iPhone’s. It’s faster, and it’s safe. Apple says so and they know everything.


Charge your iPhone Faster in cooler temperatures

Leaving your phone to charge in a hot room, a hot car, or on any hot surface under the sun is not advisable because it’s just bad for your phone and your battery. It is much better to charge in an area with cool or fresh air; the process will be slightly faster.  Not the refrigerator.  That’s absurd.

Where to get a computer fixed in Billings

iDoctor Replaces Cell Phone Batteries

Maybe your phone is charging slowly because the battery is one its way out.  These things happen.  In fact, they’re planned that way.  The major tech manufacturers engage in something called “planned obsolescence” where they know their products will wear out sooner than they should.  It’s a sneaky way to get you to buy a new device.

But you can replace the battery!  Or we can rather.  Bring your phone to either of our locations in Billings, and we will swap that thing out.

We offer other repair services too.  If your phone is broken, bring it by.  If you need computer repair services, we’re the place to go.  If your tablet isn’t working right, we can get it fixed.  Call us at 406-534-2547 for more details.