Tesla’s Massive Australian Battery Pack Springs to Action

A Big Step Forward in Battery Energy

Inside your phone, laptop, tablet, and most of your devices are batteries.  Those batteries are rechargeable, last a considerable amount of time, and allow you to read fascinating articles like this one.  On a small scale they’re pretty cheap, we replace iPhone batteries every day.  On a larger scale, they’re closer to $50 million.

Tesla's Wind Powered Battery Pack

Of course, that larger scale is big enough to power an entire city in case something happens.  In fact, that’s what recently occurred in Australia.  With Tesla’s help, however, the power outage wasn’t a big deal.


What’s this Battery Pack all About?

120 miles north of Adelaide, Australia, a city of 1.7 million people, is a large wind farm.  This wind farm generates 315mw of electricity, enough to power around a quarter of the city.  That’s great as long as the wind is blowing, and there are alternative power generators that can power the rest of the city.

That’s where the battery pack comes into play.  The largest lithium ion pack in the world has a capacity of 100mw.  As the wind turbines generate electricity, they charge up these batteries (presumably in the night or during non-peak hours as to not take too much from the demand).  Those batteries can be used in case of emergency, if there’s a sudden spike in demand, or for any other reason.


The Battery Pack put to the Test

Recently the residents of Southern Australia were able to see just how effective these batteries actually are.  When one of the power plants that supply energy to the city went offline, it took about a tenth of a second for the battery pack to jump into action and continue supply to the city.  That’s the difference between the power going out in your house for who knows how long, and the lights flickering and you wondering “Huh, what just happened?”

The rapid response and the effectiveness shocked energy officials in the area.  In order to ramp up production and divert power from another power plant it would take up to an hour.  The batteries did it in a fraction of a second.


What Does this Mean for the Consumer?

iphone battery replacement in BillingsMost of us don’t live in Southern Australia.  But that doesn’t mean we’re not benefiting from this kind of innovation.  Whether you agree with the existing climate change models or not, it’s important to have alternative energy.  It reduces the strain on the existing grid (a strain that will only get bigger as the population increases), and provides a backup in case a major power plant goes down.

That is not to mention the fact that Tesla’s innovations are changing the way we power our world.  As they become more adept, and more competitors surface to further increase innovation, you, the consumer, benefit.  Ultimately you get a better product, at a lower cost.  Everything from the battery inside your phone, to the battery in your car, to the battery that may one day power your home, you are the ultimate winner in this situation.


Need a Battery Replacement?

We can’t put a 100mw battery pack in your backyard.  But we can put a lithium-ion battery in your pocket.  If your phone is slow, or dying quickly, bring it in.  Most battery replacements can be done in under an hour, the craftsmanship is guaranteed, and replacing the battery is much cheaper than buying a new phone.  We have two locations in Billings so no matter where you are, we are convenient to you.