Technology for Enhanced Workplace Productivity

Get More Done Using Technology to Your Advantage

It’s a double edged sword.  On the one hand, technology has greatly enhanced what we can do in the workplace.  From sending documents instantly, to live video conferences, to instant payments, there is no denying that technology makes things more efficient enhancing productivity.  But on the other hand, it has caused huge inefficiencies.  How many hours each day do you spend on Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, or some other time waster website?  It’s probably a lot more than you care to admit.

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Using technology properly means that we can get far more done in a day than we ever thought possible.  But only when we use it to maximize efficiency.  Let’s take a look at the best ways to use tech for enhanced workplace productivity.

Taking Portable Power with You

Much of our work is done on the go.  From making phone calls with a cell phone, to running reports on a laptop, we can work from just about anywhere.  Modern technology makes it so we don’t even have to be near an electrical outlet.  If you wanted to do so, you could link up to the internet via satellite phone and work from literally anywhere in the world; until you run out of power.

But even dead batteries are a thing of the past!  A small solar charger can keep your phone or computer running basically forever.  And for those who need a quicker charge, or maybe one at night, a portable power bank can supply almost everything you need to get you through until the next time you’re by an outlet.

Power bank to enhance productivity

Evernote or Google Docs to Instantly Edit Documents

Sending an email is a lot faster than mailing a document, having it revised and mailed back, and going back and forth without really getting anything done.  But how many times have you sent an email, then sent another email with an updated document, only to have the original one posted?  A better way is to use a service like Evernote or Google Docs.

Upload the document, and the recipient can change it right on the software program.  No more “I didn’t receive the latest updated version” because it’s the only version that is visible.  When it comes time to send off the finalized version a couple clicks and it’s downloaded to your computer.

Keep Your Passwords Safe

Raise your hand if you keep a password list printed off and in your desk drawer.  Many of us are lucky if it even makes it into the desk drawer.  While it is effective, it’s also incredibly risky to keep your passwords out in the open like that.  But with every website requiring a unique password that’s 148 characters long and includes symbols like Æ, ô, ƒ, ₧, or something else you don’t know how to type, something has to change.

There are ways around remembering a bajillion passwords.  LastPass can help with that.  This browser extensions makes it so you have to remember just one password: the master password (learn how to create rock solid passwords that are easy to remember).  It can then be linked to anything you log into that has been stored in the vault.  When you visit the site stored in the vault, bam, your credentials are automatically input.  It’s free or just $2 per month for the premium version.

keep passwords safe

Connect with Clients

One of the hardest things about pre-technology days was connecting with clients; especially those that received less-than-stellar service.  All you could rely on was word-of-mouth.  Today, if a client has a beef, he or she simply hops on Facebook, Twitter, or another social media service and leaves a negative review without first discussing the matter with you; perfect!

But it also creates a way that you can resolve the issue, because you don’t know it is an issue without that feedback.  Social media provides a platform to turn a faceless business into a personable entity.  You can share knowledge, you can share ideas, and you can share feedback and in the end the customers and clients are better served.

Easily Backup All Files

If you’re not backing up all of your files, business and personal, you’re setting yourself up for disaster!  Especially because it’s super easy to do, and can save you hours of headache and thousands of dollars.

There are two ways to back things up.  Grab an external hard drive for $100 or so, and manually back it up: details here.  Or subscribe to a cloud based back up service.  Carbonite is an affordable option, and it will back everything up constantly.  As soon as a file is created it starts backing it up.  Keep in mind that because Carbonite is inexpensive, it’s also really slow.


iDoctor Says Don’t Worry; Use Technology

Your technology is a tool, it is designed to keep you connected, enhance productivity, and provide entertainment.  These are just five ways that you can use it to your advantage… as long as everything is working properly.  If your phone, computer, or tablet doesn’t run like it should (or maybe you dropped it… I mean your kid dropped it), then bring it in for repairs.  We have two convenient locations: one on the West End of Billings and one in the Billings Heights.