Do you Suffer from Google Pixel Burn-In?

Have You Become a Victim?

Google came out with their phone about a year ago.  The idea was to provide a superior phone to those made by Apple (whether it’s superior is up to the user to debate).  Now they have released the second edition of their phone.  The Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel 2 XL hit the market recently and so far have received good reviews.  With one exception.

Google Pixel 2XL Burn-in

There are been a number of complaints that the screens suffer from burn-in.  For those unfamiliar with the term, it is when an image stays on the screen too long, and transforms the pixels (no pun intended) so that they permanently display the image.  It’s why our computers (used to) have screen savers; to avoid burn in.


Is Burn-In Common?

All screens will eventually suffer from the predicament.  But there are some that are a little more susceptible than others.  Obviously the old tube style CRT monitors were more susceptible than the flat screen LCD or LED monitors.

Over time, whenever an image is left on the screen, image retention occurs.  We can see this on almost any screen when you shut it off there are lingering residual images.  Burn-in is a much longer lasting problem, and causes permanent damage.  If you want to experiment, find an old monitor and leave a single image on it for a few days.  Eventually you won’t be able to get rid of that image.

Can OLED Screens get Burn-In?

The short answer is yes.  As mentioned above there really isn’t a screen that is immune.

However, when dealing with these higher quality screens with newer technology, you don’t see it as often.  Besides that, your phones generally aren’t on for that long; they’re used and then turned off before returning to the pocket.  When an OLED screen falls victim to burn-in, it’s generally after prolonged use; to the tune of several years.  Burn-in after a few days or a couple weeks indicates there is some sort of hardware flaw.


iDoctor Repairs Cell Phones

In the case of the Google Pixel 2, there is no reason to pay us to fix your phone.  If the burn-in ends up being the result of a hardware flaw, then Google will (should) issue some sort of replacement warranty on their devices.  If the phone was several years old it would be a different story; as such, our services aren’t necessary.  In fact, Google hasn’t even admitted a problem yet; they only say that they’re investigating it.

For other cell phone issues, like cracked screens, busted charging ports, or water damage, bring your phone to either of the iDoctor locations in Billings.  We have one on the West End and one in the Heights, either one can get your phone fixed up and get you back to enjoying your technology.