Spring Cleaning for Your Computer

Tidy Up Your Computer After a Long Winter

Here in Billings it’s still winter.  As of the this writing there’s about 14 feet of snow on the ground and the weather is so slowly warming it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon.  But now is the perfect time to get your computer back in order after a long winter of use.

Spring cleaning for your computer

In order to keep your computer functioning as long as possible, with as few problems as possible, we recommend some simple maintenance that you can do at home.  Follow these 5 spring cleaning tips and you can prevent a trip to the best computer repair shop in Billings.

Dump Those Old Programs

Programs aren’t quite as popular as they were a decade ago now that most of our computer usage is internet based.  But that doesn’t mean things don’t pile up.  This may take some time, so divide it into a few different “chunks.”  Delete those old programs and apps that you no longer use.  Sort through files and documents that just take up space.  Put things into folders and tag items that you want to quickly find without browsing for them (like those vacation pictures, that blank contract, a folder holding your tax records, etc.).

Clear Out Your Browser

If you use Chrome or Firefox, there’s a good chance that you have installed some plugins.  If you have downloaded programs, there’s even a chance that an annoying toolbar was installed on your browser that you didn’t really want.  Go through and clean things up a bit.  All of those plugins draw a little extra power each, and slow down your internet speeds.  While you’re at it, clear your browser data and remove cookies.

Update Your Malware Scanner

We recommend using Malware Bytes.  It’s free and effectively removes the majority of the malware on your system.  But when was the last time you ran a scan?  If you’re like most people, it’s probably been several months (or never).  Update it so that it can detect the latest threats, and run that scan.  Then set a reminder to do this at least once a month to keep your computer bug free.

Back Everything Up

Is your data backed up?  Most people don’t back anything up, and in the end it can cost them.  A few years ago we had a customer come in with their desktop that wasn’t booting properly.  Upon inspection the hard drive had failed, and it cost over $2,000 to retrieve those important files!  Do yourself a big favor and sign up for a cloud based backup, or spend $100 (give or take) on an external hard drive and back the entire thing up once a month.

Hose it Off

Take your computer outside, fire up the hose, and give it a good rinse.  Actually, that’s terrible advice, don’t do that.  But have you ever cleaned and sanitized your laptop?  How many times have you used it without washing your hands?  Use a soft bristle brush and vacuum off surface dust, then give it the once over to ensure it’s clean and ready for more use.  Here’s a guide on how to clean it without damaging it.


iDoctor does Computer Repairs in Billings

Accidents happen.  No matter how much spring computer cleaning we do, nor how well we take care of them, they end up happening.  Parts wear out, liquids are spilled, grandma rocks over them in her rocking chair, we’ve seen it all.  Don’t get discouraged!  Bring that computer to iDoctor where one of our highly trained computer technicians can get it working once again.  We have two locations in Billings: West End and in the Heights.