Software Updates Turn on DND While Driving

Don’t Text and Drive, Now it’s Easier not too

Every year 330,000 people are inured from auto accidents caused by texting and driving.  In fact, one out of every four accidents in the US is caused because people are texting when they should be paying attention to the road.  Cell phones are great tools, but they can end up being deadly.

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Fortunately, as they progress, cell phone manufacturers are getting savvier about how to prevent texting and driving.  While it should be common sense to put the phone away, that pull of seeing who sent you a message is often too strong.  So now your cell phone comes with a built in Do Not Disturb feature that activates while you’re moving on down the road.


Driving Do Not Disturb for Multiple Devices

Currently the Driving DND is only found on two devices (with third party applications available for many more).  The Google Pixel and the Apple iPhone (with iOS 11). Both work in roughly the same way, and they both have the same effect, and both determine that you’re in the vehicle in roughly the same way.  Here’s how it works.

Based on the device’s movement and Bluetooth connections, it can determine if you’re in a vehicle.  When the situation is appropriate, it will turn on the DND feature until you’re safely stopped and can again receive calls, notifications, and text messages.

In both the Pixel and the iPhone you have to turn on the feature, it’s not automatically activated.  But it’s as simple as tapping on your settings on the Google phone.  The iPhone makes it even simpler.

The first time you get into your vehicle after updating to iOS 11, you will be notified about the feature.  The phone will ask if you want to turn Driving DND on.  At this point you can make your decision.  If you’re concerned about riding as a passenger and having your DND on, you can always turn it off manually when you get in as a passenger.

So how does the phone know when you’re stopped at a red light or if you’re stopped at your destination?  Some vehicles that have Bluetooth capabilities will turn off Bluetooth when stopped, but what about the older vehicles?

The answer is: we’re not really sure.  When you set up your Driving DND you have the option to turn it on manually, automatically, or with Bluetooth.  However, when we tested it to turn on automatically, it never actually turned on.  Perhaps a few more glitches and bugs need to be worked out before this will really work as it is supposed to.

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