Software Install

A software install category covers so many different aspects of working with any device. We can generally solve any issue anyone may have with software. We can help identify the problem or goal you may have and work to a solution. You may have some programs on your current computer that are not working right, we can fix that! Whatever issue you may be having from a software update, to installing a new version of Windows, iDoctor can repair software problems!

Here is a brief insight of what we will do when performing a software install mobile call:

  • Installation of an operating system onto a Mac or a PC
  • Updating of software and any related components
  • Does not include cost of software installed but rather assistance in proper installation
  • We can assist to solve any software update or install issue you may encounter at work or at home

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You can use the on site scheduler tool to choose an appointment that fits your needs. You can give us a call as well to schedule an appointment.

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