Slow Home Button? Here’s What to Do

It’s Likely an Easy Fix

The home button on the iPhone gets used a lot.  So when it’s not being as responsive as it should be; or perhaps it’s not working at all, you need to know what to do!  Fortunately, it’s most likely a software issue and not a hardware one.  That means with a few little tweaks you can get it back to working order without having to bring it to us.

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Work your way through each of these troubleshooting tips.  If it’s still not working, well then you probably will have to bring it to either of our Billings locations, or give us a call and schedule with our mobile repair unit.

Kill Off Your Apps

Many times the problem with your phone is simply because it is trying to do too much.  How often do you close out your apps?  Many people let them pile up for weeks (often because they didn’t know you can close them).  Double click the home button and simply swipe up.  You won’t lose any data; you will just close the program.  You should do this every day; a good time is right before you plug your phone in for the night.

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Turn it Off and Back On

Along the lines of closing your apps is powering down your phone.  Turning the phone off helps to reset memory caches, gives your phone a little computing break, and lets you enjoy the peace and quiet without your notifications going off constantly.  Just hold down the sleep or power button, and slide to power off.  You should be powering down at least once each week.

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Turn Off Accessibility Shortcut

The iPhone has a lot of really cool features that most people have never heard about.  They’re under Settings > General > Accessibility.  If you don’t have the accessibility shortcut turned on, this is where you can go to find settings like zoom, LED Flash for alerts, reduce motion, and more.  You can quickly access some of these by triple clicking the home button (if you’ve selected them from the list).  However, this shortcut slows down your home button time because the software now waits to see if there will be one click, two clicks, or three clicks.

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Turn the Home Button Speed Up

Within the accessibility menu you will see “Home Button.”  If you open that setting you will find the option to change the click speed.  If you’ve never messed with it before, it should be on “default” which is the fastest setting.  But there’s a chance that your friends have played a prank on you and turned the speed down.  Simply click it back to default, and you’re good to go.

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Calibrate Your Home button

There’s one last trick that could get your home button back in working order (aside from resetting all settings).  You can re-calibrate the home button.  It’s a simple three step process:

  • Open any stock app like weather, calendar, or notes (something that came pre-installed on your phone).
  • Press and hold the sleep or power button until you see “Slide to Power Off”
  • Release the power button and hold down the home button for around 8 seconds until the “Slide to Power Off” disappears.

Now your home button should be a little faster.


Still Have a Slow Home Button?

There are two more tricks you can do before you bring it in for iPhone repairs.  Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap on Reset All Settings.  Don’t worry, this won’t delete your data; but it will reset your phone to stock settings.

slow home button, reset settings

The second, and more drastic measure, is to reset the whole phone.  In Settings > General > Reset tap on Erase All Content and Settings.  Make sure you have backed your phone up recently, or you’re gonna have a bad time.

Still no luck?  Then it is likely a hardware issue and you need to bring your phone to the best iPhone repair shop in Billings.  We will get you fixed up so that you can once again use your phone without frustration.