How to Set Up Medical ID on Your Phone

Medical ID Might Save Your Life

Part of the health and fitness app on your iPhone is a Medical ID section.  Accompanied by the SOS feature, it may save your life in the event of an injury or episode where you’re otherwise incapacitated.

Medical ID

They’re easy to overlook, but after you have set them up you can basically forget about them.  Fortunately first responders won’t, and if you have your phone on you, they will check to find out needed information.

Setting Up Medical ID on your iPhone

Medical ID allows you to store your medical information that may be pertinent to anyone that finds you.  It also contains emergency contact information so that someone who knows you can be notified if anything is wrong.  By accessing your Medical ID first responders can quickly see your emergency contacts, allergies to medications or other substances, and your blood type (as well as some more).  This information may not be readily available anywhere else.

To set up your Medical ID follow these simple steps:

1 – Launch the Health App on your phone

2 – Tap on Medical ID in the bottom corner

3 – Select Edit

4 – Turn on “Show When Locked”

5 – Complete all information necessary to save your life

6 – Hit done when you’re finished.

When filling in your emergency contact information, go in order for who you want contacted first.  So a spouse or a parent may be first, next you can put in another parent, third a friend, and so on.  There doesn’t appear to be a limit on how many emergency contacts you can input.

Using Medical ID on your iPhone

Using the Emergency SOS Feature

If there’s an emergency, the last thing you will want to do is open your phone, type in your passcode, navigate to the phone app, dial 911, and hit send.  There are three easy ways to make an emergency call without those steps.

With an iPhoneX or an 8 you can hold the power button and either volume button to start an “Auto Call.”  Doing so will start a 5 second countdown that when it hits 0 it will automatically dial 911.  A great feature if you can’t see clearly.

For the rest of us that don’t have the newest phones, you have two more options.

From the lock screen you can tap “Emergency” in the lower left.  This will take you to a screen where you can place an emergency call.  You can type in 911, but that’s the only number you can dial without getting a notification that says “Emergency Calls Only”.  To call anyone else they must be listed as your emergency contact, and they are accessed through Medical ID in the lower left.

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If you can’t be bothered typing or searching around, there’s one more way to make an emergency call.  Tap the power button on the side of the phone rapidly.  This will open the Emergency screen.  You can turn the phone off, access Medical ID, or use the slider to place an Emergency call.  Note: if you use the slider it will automatically call 911.  You have to hit cancel, and then you have to confirm cancel.  But if it’s a true emergency, and an attacker cancels and confirms, it will still re-dial 911 automatically but it gives you a 10 second countdown.  When testing these features 911 was almost contacted, but thankfully it was ended quickly enough that there was no connection.

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