Rumors of an Entry-Level MacBook

Could this Signal the End of the MacBook Air?

Last week we talked about how the MacBook Air just turned 10 years old.  The revolutionary laptop paved the way for the ultra-lightweight devices, and set the tone for future MacBook computers.  But for the last few years there have been no design improvements on the computer (internal updates; yes).  This causes many to speculate that Apple will soon phase out this particular model.

13 inch macbook repairs in Billings

Now there are reports that Apple has been ordering LCD screens from their supplier.  So many more that the orders have in fact doubled (from 300,000 to 600,000 per month).  Speculation leads many to believe that a new MacBook is on its way.


A 13-inch MacBook

The MacBook Air was designed as a “low” cost version of a Mac laptop.  These devices were a little smaller and a little cheaper than their MacBook Pro counterparts.  While they have been very popular, Apple seems to be trending toward replacing them with a different model.

That new model will be very similar, but will likely drop from the “Air” line of computers.  Here’s what we do know:

best computer repair shop in Billings13-inch MacBook Air – $999

12-inch MacBook – $1,299

13-inch MacBook Pro – $1,299

Those are, naturally, starting prices.  They go up from there depending on capacity, RAM, and if you desire any accessories.  If the rumors are true, we will likely see the MacBook Air dropping off, the 12-inch MacBook moving in to take its spot and the 13-inch MacBook filling the newly vacated spot.  Pricing could look like this:

12-inch MacBook – $999

13-inch MacBook – $1,299

13-inch MacBook Pro – $1,299

Of course this is all speculation, especially the price points.  What we do know is that as Windows machines move toward a lower cost, Apple has the pressure put on to keep an “affordable” computer in their inventory.  This means there will likely be a computer priced at under $1,000 to compete with comparable Windows machines that are priced at $800 or so (with so many different brands and models under the Windows operating system you can get into a cheaper computer, but you generally sacrifice luxuries like an HD display when you do so).


Rumors of Apple Computers

Within a year of each new computer release there are always rumors of the upcoming devices (the same goes for phones).  Often these rumors are based on supply-chain (increased orders for particular displays), and are usually more trust-worthy than not.  But that’s not always the case.  Often rumors pop up, sweep through the tech industry, and then fizzle away as nothing comes to fruition.

What we do know that is not a rumor is that computers break.  And as your trusted computer repair shop in Billings, we will fix it so that it runs like new once again.  We have two convenient locations, one on the West End and one in the Heights.  Bring in your devices that need repaired, and we will get it done for you.