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  • iPad Screen Repair
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ipad repairIPAD REPAIR

The iPad screen repair is a fun one! We have witnessed it all. Flying off a car at 70 mph, run over, swimming, hot sauce, you name it we have seen it. The iPad repair can come with dented corners that are hard to reshape. The screen is, after all, only a sheet of glass.

This repair is executed by using a hot air gun/heat pencil, guitar picks, corner re-shapping tools, metal spudgers, etc. Depending on which iPad screen repair you are attempting, there are a multitude of cables under the glass to beware of to prevent tearing. Messing one of these things up doubles repair time and can lead to even more problems!

We take pride in the perfect iPad repair. This involves re shaping bent corners with molded tools to each individual iPad corner dimensions. Putting a new plastic bezel in if it has been damaged. Ensuring a clean LCD after repair, and of course laying down the best adhesive on the market to secure the glass digitizer back down to the frame.

The iPad currently is revolutionizing education at in grades K-4. Students reading levels are being drastically accelerated with the effective use of technology. We are absolutely amazed and excited about this at iDoctor and look to play a small role in helping accelerate that to local students even more!

The iPad screen repair is a repair that we sell parts for. If you are interested in attempting the iPad screen repair by yourself we can help. We sell all the parts and tools necessary to complete the iPad screen repair.