How to Prevent a Trip to iDoctor

Tips to Maintain Your Laptop

There are times when accidents happen.  We get that, and that’s why we are here.  But our end goal is to make sure that you are able to keep using your technology and not have to come to us every other week with another issue.

Prevent laptop repair

That’s why we put together this simple list of prevention methods to make sure that your laptop lasts as long as you need it to.  They’re simple, they’re quick, and they are often neglected meaning we see computers come through the doors quite often in need of repair that could have been prevented.

Without further ado, your Billings computer repair shop’s list of laptop safety.

1 – Use Two Hands!

Laptops are great.  They’re small, portable, and lightweight.  They keep you connected no matter where you are.  But that lightness comes with a price: parts and components are smaller and thinner.  Unless you want to lug around a 12 pound computer (you don’t, the 13 inch MacBook Air comes in at 2.96 pounds) you have to be careful with these things!

One of the biggest problems that happens after repeated use is the hinges wear out.  These delicate pieces are more than just a sliding function to open the computer, they also house wires and electrical components.  A broken hinge may be an easy fix, but when the wires are damaged, the repairs go up from there.

Every time you open your laptop, use two hands!  Don’t risk twisting it by grabbing a corner and popping it open.  If you must use just one, grab it from the middle to evenly distribute the force on both hinges.

2 – Put it in a Sleeve!

One of the perks of a laptop is the fact that it can go with you.  But grabbing it with one hand (see above) and tossing it onto the car seat next to you is a recipe to destroy it.  A silicon, leather, or alternative material is an affordable way to keep it in pristine condition.  Not only will you minimize hardware damage, you will also prevent unsightly scratches and other marks.

Get in the habit of using a laptop sleeve so that you don’t end up in our shop admitting that you were careless.

3 – Get the Proper Carrying Case!

You don’t just need a sleeve though.  You need the proper carrying case.  A messenger back will work just fine, but if it’s not designed to carry a computer, you can still cause damage.  Think of the computer portion of the bag like shock absorbers.  Plopping the bag down too hard without the shock absorbers will cause the computer to smack into the floor.

Most computer carrying cases come with stretchy material that holds the device and cushions impacts.  At the end of the day, when you’re tired, and you toss the bag onto the couch, where it inevitably falls to the floor, wouldn’t you rather have the right protection?  This leads us to the next point.

4 – Watch Where it Sits!

Laptops are small and can fit into small places.  Like your lap, or a tiny corner of the kitchen table.  But if you’re constantly putting your laptop in precarious situations, it’s only a matter of time before some careless family member bumps into it and gravity takes over.  A fall from just a couple feet onto a hardwood, linoleum, or tile floor can wreck these things up pretty badly.

Make sure that your computer is well away from the edge of the table, chair, car seat, car roof, or any other precarious position.  Spend the extra 13.7 seconds it takes to move it to a safer place if you have to walk away for a little bit.


Your Billings Laptop Repair Specialists

Of course there will be times where you forget and your computer is broken.  There will be times when your careless roommate, child, spouse, or friend bump your laptop causing it to crash to the ground and need our services.  We won’t judge, we will fix.

We have two locations in Billings where our techs are fantastic at repairing laptops.  Check us out on Main Street in the Heights, or off 24th Street on the West End.

PS. We do more than just laptop repair.