OLED is Now the Norm

LCD is on its Way Out

Apple is reportedly planning to launch three new iPhones for 2018. And all three will likely feature the latest in screen technology; OLED or organic light-emitting diode. Is that good news or great news? It’s great news, of course, because right now, OLED is the best type of screen technology there is. And as it is, Apple is lagging behind because there are already a number of Android phones that feature this latest technology.

But wait, why are we jumping to 2018 when the 2017 iPhone isn’t even out yet? It’s because this year Apple is only expected to debut one OLED iPhone, the premium version of the iPhone 8 (or iPhone X? We’re still not sure.) The iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will still feature the LCD screen technology.

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Why just one iPhone with OLED for this year? It’s mainly because Apple’s supply partners could only manufacture enough OLED units for one iPhone model. But they’ll be able to ramp up production next year, which is why all iPhones next year will already be able to use the technology. That’s according to Nikkei sources. Apple has yet to make an official comment about it.


What’s so special about OLED?

For starters, it’s a newer and more superior screen technology which provides darker blacks and a sharper color contrast. It’s also flexible enough that it can allow a screen to become bendable. Plus, it’s more power-efficient too.

Before the advent of OLED, Apple mainly used LCD for their device screens. However, as smartphones evolved, and in particular, as bezels became thinner and thinner, the need for a new screen technology became evident, and it became clear that only OLED panels will be able to support the near bezel-less phones of the future.

2018 is still a bit far-off, though. Especially considering Apple still has to release their 2017 iPhones. This means changes can happen along the way. As Nikkei reported: “Apple has started to design new iPhones for release in 2018, but its plans are subject to change. The company has a record of tweaking product specifications and lineup along the way, staying flexible to accommodate market forces and component quality.”

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How long until our displays do this?

Will Apple Be Able to go all OLED?

If Apple really intends to go OLED all the way starting in 2018, will it actually be able to do so?

A big challenge with OLED screens is the fact that there aren’t many manufacturers that are specializing in this technology yet. So far, it’s been said that it’s only Samsung that manufacturers trust enough to provide them with bulk orders, which is probably why there’s still a relative shortage in OLED panel providers. And it’s also likely why Apple is said to have invested heavily in an LG Display factory so they can expand their OLED sources.

Will that be enough, though? Well there’s still plenty of time to ‘tweak product specifications’, but considering that the way forward is to go with OLED, Apple will have to figure out a way to make sure there will be enough manufacturers to meet their demand for OLED panels when the time comes.


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