No Scanner? No Problem.

Unless You Don’t have an iPhone

Not long ago I was on the phone with my bank.  They needed some paperwork filled out and sent back to them, and then said when I was ready they could give me the fax number that the signed documents could be sent to.  The rest of the conversation when like this:

Me: Oh I’m sorry, where I’m from fax machines don’t exist.

Banker: Where are you from?

Me: The year 2017.

They didn’t find that nearly as funny as I did.  But it does bring up an interesting point: with the ubiquity of the internet, why do we still use fax machines?  Some say they’re more reliable, others will say they’re more secure.  Most people, however, will say they’re obnoxious, archaic, and unnecessary; especially because you can scan documents with the notes app on your iPhone.


The iPhone Notes App

One of the least used apps on any iPhone, notes was really only useful to keep track of what groceries were needed.  You nearly always have your phone with you, so a random trip to the store meant you didn’t have to guess at what was on your list.

But with every iOS upgrade, Apple was quietly making the notes app even better.  One of the most recent upgrades allows you to scan documents without the need for a third part app.


Scanning Documents with the iPhones Notes App

The process is quick and easy.  Just open up your notes and type whatever you feel you need to type to give it a clear title.  Hit the “+” just above the keyboard, and notes will let you scan, take a picture, input a picture you already took, or sketch on to the screen.

After you select scan, simply position the paper against any surface (presumably against white will confuse the border detectors).  When the box turns yellow, hit the circle.  If it wasn’t lined up just right, don’t worry about it.  You can drag the corners to get to the best fit possible.

Select to keep the scan, and go back into the note, and there it is attached to your note.  From there you can email the scan the same way you would any other attachment (using that little box with an “up” arrow in the upper right hand corner).

Tech repair in Billings, MT notes app

Using notes to scan documents is a great way to scan and create a PDF that can be emailed.  You don’t need a third party app (like Genius Scan), although apps dedicated solely to scanning and emailing documents do work a little bit better.


iDoctor Fixes Devices

When you’re scanning, and you accidentally drop your iPhone shattering the screen, don’t panic (too much).  We will get your screen replaced, and your phone back into your hands quickly!  Most of the time we do screen replacements the same day.

Of course we don’t just work on iPhone screens.  All kinds of cell phone repairs come through the doors every day.  We also fix tablets, drones, 4K televisions, and basically anything with a chip in it.  That includes laptop and computer repairs.

Check out either of Billings locations for a variety of accessories, or to drop of your device to have it fixed up so you can keep using it.