Do I need a Mac or a PC?

Choosing the Computer that is Right for You

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to getting the right computer.  But for many, it’s whether to buy a Mac or a PC.  Both have their place, and depending on your needs you will get better use out of one over the other.

Choosing between a mac or a pc

But how do you decide between a Mac and a PC?  Macs, computers made by Apple, are their own brand; PC’s are generally Windows based units and have multiple different manufacturers.  As the best computer repair shop in Billings, we want to help you narrow down the choices so you can get the right computer for you.


Choosing a Mac or a PC

We’ll  walk you through the differences between the two units.  In the end, if you’re still wondering what to buy, give us a call and we can help narrow it down a little more for you.

Design Differences between Macs and PC’s

Apple has long had a different design than their PC counterpart.  But the design differences really took off in the mid 2000’s when the sleek aluminum casings started taking over all the other styles (take a look at how the designs changed over the years).  In order to modify your Mac computer, you have to get cases or modify it on your own; there aren’t many choices.  PC’s, however, aren’t subject to one look.  With dozens of brands putting out PC’s you have a huge choice of design characteristics.  But really, a computer is only as good as its guts.

Technical Differences between Macs and PC’s

On the inside Macs and PC’s vary widely.  For the most part the more you pay for your computer, the more power it will have.  Processing speed, RAM capacity, hard drives, and more can all be customized to create the computer that you need.  However, when you compare similar units, Macs generally outperform the PC’s, but the PC’s often come with more features.

Functionality Differences between Macs and PC’s

The biggest question when buying a new computer is, “What will it be used for?”  If you’re into gaming, then a PC is what you need; many games won’t actually work on a Mac.  A decade or two ago Macs were highly favored for those working in the arts (graphic design, music and sound editing, video editing, etc.) because they worked a whole lot better than PC’s.  Today, they don’t outperform like they used to, but their reputation keeps them going strong for those who work in industries requiring design.

Different Operating Systems in Macs and PC’s

The majority of PC’s operate on a Windows operating system.  For the technology inclined, they may opt for a Linux system to run their PC, but for most it will be Windows.  Microsoft, the company behind Windows, allows the software to be used on a huge variety of computers.  Macs use their own proprietary operating software called iOS (the OS stands for Operating System, the “i” is the branding that Mac has come to be known for, such as iPhone, iPad, iMac…).  Since the vast majority of systems are Windows based, relatively few viruses are coded for iOS, and thus Macs are safer; although Macs do get viruses.

Price Differences between Macs and PC’s

The deciding factor to buy a Mac or a PC is probably going to boil down to price.  Apple computers run at a premium.  When buying a new one you will likely not be able to find anything for less than $1,000 (maybe $999 for a bare bones machine).  A PC, on the other hand, will run you about half that for a similar set up.  This is for two reasons: Macs generally outperform the PC, and Mac is a high-end machine (or at least they have branded themselves as such; many consider the Apple brand to be nothing more than a status symbol anymore).  The bottom line though: a Mac will cost you more.


iDoctor Fixes All Makes of Computers

Whether you have a PC or a Mac, a laptop or a desktop, we fix them!  If you’re in the market for a new computer, but you don’t need a brand new computer, we have a whole line up of revitalized machines.  You can get one that has been restored to like-new condition, but you don’t have to pay full retail on it.

If you’re in the market for something specific, give us a call at 406-534-2547 to reach the West End store, or call us at 406-206-3437 to reach the Heights store, and we can let you know what’s in stock at the moment.