MacBook Screen Repair in Billings, MT

We are Here for Your Screen Repair Needs

Laptops are amazing.  They have ultrathin displays, weigh next to nothing, and have great computing power, and overall make our lives easier.  But that lightweight also means that it’s easy to break.

MacBook Screen Repair in Billings

Do you have a MacBook that has a broken screen?  Then you’ve come to the right place!   Our goal here at iDoctor is to make sure that your technology is working for you.  And that means fixing a MacBook screen when it needs repaired.

MacBook Screen Repair Specialists

There are many different computer repair shops in Billings.  However, there are some things that help separate us from the other guys.

We have multiple technicians in our shops.  That means we have someone that specializes in iPhone repairs, someone that is great at MacBook screen repair, someone that is well trained in micro-soldering, and so on.  By having someone that specializes in each area of repairs, we can ensure that we aren’t “guessing” what needs to be one.  Instead, it’s done right the first time.

No diagnostic fees.  There are computer repair shops that will charge $100 or more just to look at your computer.  Granted if it’s a cracked screen it’s pretty easy to diagnose.  But what if it’s something inside and you don’t know what’s wrong?  Why spend the money just to have them say, “Sorry we can’t fix that.”?

While the idea of paying to have your MacBook screen repaired isn’t fun (you’re probably kicking yourself for being careless and letting this happen in the first place!), we will make the process as pain free as possible.

Repairing instead of Replacing

There are two ways to fix a computer: repair the part that is broken, or replace the part that is broken.  The difference is important.

Replacing the part is often faster (at least when it’s actually being worked on), but it sometimes requires ordering in a whole new part.  The time in the shop is extended as we wait for shipping, and then you have to pay for a new part and be without your computer.

Repairing the part takes a little more finesse, and requires the use of specialized training.  Today’s computers are assembled with a lot of micro-soldering; not many people know how to do that.  The result is that a part can often be repaired if you have a technician in-house that can do it (we do!).  The result is a lower cost repair because we don’t have to order new parts.

iDoctor Repairs MacBook Screens in Billings

We have two locations in Billings to serve you best.  At either location you will find fast and friendly service, knowledgeable technicians, and those that are able to do your MacBook Screen Repair whether it’s broken and needs replaced, or a ribbon needs micro-soldered.  The end result is that you are back to using your computer, and hopefully it doesn’t get broken again!