MacBook Air Turns 10 Years Old

The Revolutionary Laptop is a Decade Old

Last fall the iPhone had its 10 year anniversary.  This device pioneered the way out of the flip phone era and into the smart phone era.  This month the MacBook Air has its 10 year anniversary.  The MacBook Air pioneered the way from the larger laptops to the ultrabooks.

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What have we seen since then?  We have seen a whole lot of innovation and creativity come from Apple.


The Transition to the UltraBook

The biggest change that Apple sought with the MacBook Air was to get rid of the clunky laptop.  While the MacBook and MacBook Pro weren’t the huge dinosaurs like some computers from around the same time, they were still larger than many people wanted.  This meant cutting down on size and weight wherever they could.  First on the chopping block: the DVD drive.

At that time things were transitioning quickly.  In 2007 Netflix began streaming video on their site instead of the mail-in DVD swap as it used to be.  As fewer people were using DVD’s, and as thumb drive technology was getting better and better, there wasn’t a need for the bulky and weight intensive drive anymore.

Paring down the rest of the ports, and introducing innovative screen technology meant that Apple was able to create a sleek, good looking, powerful computer that weighed less than 3 pounds.


Computers Since the MacBook Air

Since the time that Apple came out with their ultra-light laptop, other brands have followed suit.  And Apple has come out with a number of other devices.  As of today the MacBook Air is still being sold, but it hasn’t been updated in almost three years.  Speculation says that it will soon be discontinued from the Apple lineup as other products take the place of the light-weight and low-cost laptop computer.


The Introduction of the MacBook Air

Apple has always introduced their newest products with great showmanship.  Introducing the MacBook Air was no different.  Steve Jobs was still around, and was speaking at the Macworld event.  He described the computer, went through the specs, and then walked to the podium.  He picked up a manila envelope, and slid the sleek new computer out, holding it up with one hand to show how lightweight it truly was.

Here, just watch it for yourself, it’s a well done presentation.


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