Is Your Data Secure?

You May Want a VPN App on your Phone

Massive data breaches hit the news a couple times each year.  These are those huge instances like when Target had their credit card processors hacked.  But what most people don’t realize is that small data breaches happen every day… and often to them.

We’re not talking about cases of stolen identity.  Nor are we talking about credit card theft, or anything like that.  These breaches may do nothing more than steal the contact information from your phone.  Or they could be tracking where you are.  The end goal is to sell the information to marketers, and as a result you (and your friends and family) are the subjects of targeted advertising.

A VPN app can protect your data

A VPN (which stands for Virtual Private Network) app on your phone can help.  As your phone and computer repair company in Billings, we want you to be safe.  Here are four reasons you may want a VPN app.


Keep Your Data Secure

This is a no-brainer.  We use our phones for all sorts of tasks from the mundane (reading iDoctor’s blog) to the important (logging in to our bank account to see if we have enough money to have iDoctor fix our iPhone screen that we busted for the 6th time this year).  A VPN app will make sure that the data you transmit is entirely secure by encrypting your Wi-Fi connection.

You Discover the Power of Invisibility

VPN’s cloak you.  They make you anonymous online by disguising your location and IP address.  So when you log into websites, that site can’t track where you’re coming from.  Think of it this way: when you click from Facebook to a website, all your data is tracked and stored to pitch more (ir)relevant ads at you.  With a VPN that doesn’t happen.

Pages Load Faster

Without a VPN your device stores data from every website.  When a site is compromised trackers and malware try to access your device (and your data).  Activating the VPN will block these requests for your data, and ultimately sites will load faster.

Get Around Location Based Blocks

Because you don’t have an IP address when using a VPN, you can’t be flagged as not having access to a site due to where you are.  What sites are those?  Generally speaking they’re television show sites from overseas (they don’t want you to watch because you’re not likely to buy from their advertisers).  Of course there are more nefarious reasons to do this, but we’re not going to condone that type of activity.


Bring your Phone to iDoctor When it Breaks

No matter what sort of VPN app you have on your phone (by the way, the Disconnect App comes recommended by many) it won’t protect your screen from cracking when you drop it.  And since you’re likely to be using it more because you’re anonymous and invisible, you are more likely to drop it.

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