iPhone X is the Most Impressive Smartphone Display

DisplayMate Ranks the iPhone X an A+

Here at iDoctor we don’t want to say that one phone is better than another.  After all, it basically boils down to what your preferences are; which style do you prefer?  But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to give props where props are due.  And Apple deserves some props for their latest phone.

iphone receives A+ display ratings

The iPhone X is an impressive piece of technology.  But don’t take our word for it.  The phone, which came out on November 3rd, has received some honorable kudos from trustworthy sources.  One of the latest is that DisplayMate has called it the highest ranking display ever on a smartphone.


Who is DisplayMate?

DisplaymateDisplayMate wasn’t always about displays.  They got their start in 1984 as a computer education and training company that helped a lot of big businesses learn how to integrate technology with their current business.  In 1989 they branched off and started their SONERA Technologies division.  This division focused on display utility and perfecting technology display.  In 1999 the division that focuses just on education and training became DisplayMate Solutions.

So what’s all that mean?  It means that despite a website that looks like it’s from the late 1990’s, they aren’t a company that just started recently.  Over 30 years in the industry, and 27+ years of focusing on displays means they know a thing or two about how a display should function, how it should look, and which are the best.


DisplayMate Gives iPhone X High Accolades

Apple is pretty proud of their iPhone X (to the tune of over $1,000 proud).  But for good reason.  After extensive testing, DisplayMate found that this phone is “the most innovative and high performance Smartphone display that we have ever tested.”

The phone received the highest ratings in Absolute Color Accuracy.  The highest ratings for Full Screen Brightness for OLED Smartphones.  The highest ratings for Full Screen Contrast Rating in Ambient light, highest in contrast ration, highest rating (lowest score) for screen reflectance, and they have the smallest brightness variation when viewed at an angle.  And a handful of other highest ratings.  You can read all about it on their iPhone X page.

In other words, the display that Apple has touted as totally awesome and the best there ever was, indeed is totally awesome and the best there ever was.

What’s that Mean for You?

As the consumer, your choice of phone should be based on which one meets your needs the best.  What’s important to you?  What do you need in a phone in order to be happy with the phone?

For most of us, the display is an important piece of the phone.  After all, what good is a phone without a sweet display?  But is it worth the premium to choose a phone just because it gets the highest ratings for a display?  Are you going to notice that much of a difference between the best of the best, and the second best of the best?

Here at iDoctor we can’t tell you what phone you need (although we’d be more than happy to explain why we make our own personal choices).  What we can tell you, however, is that we’re the best computer repair and cell phone repair shop in Billings!  We have two locations to serve you, and no matter what the issue is we can get your technology repaired so you’re back looking at a beautiful display in no time.