My iPhone Won’t Charge

What to do When Your Phone Won’t Charge

Our most common repair here at iDoctor is screen replacements.  Smartphones are awesome, they’re handy, convenient, powerful, and the front is made of glass.  That means even a small drop of a few feet can result in a shattered screen.  But there is a problem that we see quite often: an iPhone (and to a lesser extent Android models) won’t charge properly.

Why your iPhone won't charge

The complaint is almost always the same.  The customer plugs the phone in and it connects (gives that little “bling!” noise and the lightning bolt shows up), but then immediately disconnects.  Customers explain that if they push real hard it sometimes connects, or if they wiggle the cord around a bit it will end up connecting.

Fortunately, this is an easy fix!


How to Fix a Phone that Won’t Charge

There may be other issues, but here’s why your phone won’t charge:  There is lint or other debris in the charging port.

When these phones come through our doors, we quickly spring into action.  Using our highly sophisticated tools we dig out the lint, give it a quick brush, and test it with our cord.  After a cleaning it’s as good as new and you’re left with a phone that is functional and charges with ease.

Best of all, you’re now armed with the knowledge that if your phone won’t charge again in the future, it’s most likely a clogged charging port.  A quick pass with a toothpick (just don’t break it off in there!) or a clean toothbrush, and you’ll be back to carefree charging once again.

Next time you’re wondering, “Why won’t my iPhone charge?” remember your pockets are full of lint.

Other Charging Port Problems

There is a chance that your charging port is broken.  This happens a lot when you pick up the phone while it’s plugged in, and your foot is caught on the cord.  It twists and bends that port so a secure connection is no longer possible.

In this case, no amount of lint removal is going to help.

If you clean the port and it still won’t charge, then bring it to us.  We can diagnose the issue, and replace the charging port for you so that you’re once again able to enjoy a full battery.  The costs will vary depending on which model of phone you have.


iDoctor Fixes iPhones in Billings

Here at iDoctor we see a lot of iPhones come through the doors.  And we repair them all (except those that are completely destroyed of course).  From water damage, to screen replacement, to charging port replacement (or lint removal), to other issues; if your iPhone is broken, we will fix it!

We have two locations in Billings to make it convenient for you.  And we also have a mobile phone repair service where we come to you!  Check it out, or call 406-272-6516 to schedule a time.