iPhone SE 2 Expected to Have Wireless Charging

Rumors of a Glass Backed SE 2

When cell phones first hit the market, they were big.  As big, or bigger, than your landline phone.  Over the years, as the technology improved, they got smaller and smaller.  Until smartphones were developed.  They then started to get bigger and bigger.

wireless charging for iphoneSE 2

Eventually they hit a point where people didn’t want them quite that big.  Sure there are still the big “plus” sized ones.  Then there are the big ones.  And Apple recently started selling the iPhone SE.  It’s a smaller smart phone with all the functionality of its bigger cousins.

Recently the rumors have started flowing about what the SE 2 will incorporate.  It’s probably going to come out in the next few months, and it will likely include a glass back.  Here’s why that’s important.


iPhone SE 2 to have a Glass Back

The latest iPhones have a glass back.  It’s not just for aesthetics either.  Nor is it a way for Apple to get more money from the consumers because it’s one more piece to break.  It’s actually important so that the phone can incorporate wireless charging.

Smartphones use a ton of energy.  Because they tend to die quickly, consumers want an easier method to charge them.  Enter wireless charging.  Similar to how an induction oven uses electromagnetic current to heat pots and pans, these wireless charging pads charge phones.  There is new technology in the works that makes it even more wireless too.

Because people want wireless charging, Apple is likely to incorporate it into all of their upcoming models; even the models that are the “cheap” versions.


They’re all Rumors

Apple keeps updates very hush hush.  Any speculation on what the next iteration of phones will look like is just that: speculation.  Until there is an “accidental” leak (where an Apple beta tester “forgets” his phone at a café in New York, and someone from a tech magazine “happens” to find it) we won’t know for sure if these are even going to be incorporated.

What we do know, however, is that Apple continues to push forward with phone advancements.  And we do know that phones will continue to break.  And we do know that whenever your phone breaks, you should bring it to the best phone repair company in Billings.

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