iPhone Claims Top Sales in 2017

iPhone Sales Blow other Tech Away

We all know that Apple makes popular products.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an iPhone or a Galaxy fan, the hard numbers don’t lie: Apple sells a lot of tech products.  And fortunately there are people who track this stuff for us.

iphone sells lots of units

GBH Insights compiled a list of the top 5 best selling tech products in 2017.  Not surprisingly Apple’s iPhone takes that top spot.  The rest of the list, however, may surprise you a little bit.

iPhone Sells 223 Million Units

In 2017 Apple sold 223 million iPhones.  That’s up a little bit from 2016 when they sold 211 million units.  Those are pretty impressive numbers, and they have allowed the iPhone to claim the title of the best selling tech product for the year.

What is even more impressive how that compares to the number two selling tech product.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Note 8 claim second place for the best selling tech product.  In 2017 Samsung sold 33 million units.  That’s nearly 1/7 the number of iPhones sold in the same period of time.

Rounding out the list are:

Amazon Echo Dot: 24 million units

Apple Watch: 20 million units

Nintendo Switch: 15 million units

When we look at everything together, the iPhone claimed about 70% of the sales for all 5 of the top selling products.  When you add the fact that Apple has two products on the top selling list, this one company was able to capture 77% of the products sold.

Keep in mind too that an iPhone costs much more than a $30 Amazon Echo Dot, so the overall amount of money flowing into Apple’s pockets was far greater than the others as well.

What the Sales Mean for You

best cell phone repair shop in BillingsAs the consumer, what do these great sales numbers mean?  We can interpret three things from Apple leading the pack.

1 – Apple has a fantastic marketing department.  We’ve known this for a while, they create beautiful products that millions of people desire.

2 – Apple creates fantastic products.  Great marketing on an inferior product allows for outstanding sales, but generally only once.  Great marketing with great products leads to year after year of having the top selling products.

3 – Apple makes a lot of money.  This is a good thing for you.  It means they have the resources necessary to invest in innovation.  They can keep designing better and better products which ultimately means that you, the consumer, get top-of-the-line technology year after year.

The end result is that competition between the tech giants is good for everyone.  Better products hit the market, and you get a choice depending on your preference.


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