Should I get a Laptop or a Desktop?

Not all Computers are Created Equal

If you’re planning on buying a new computer, whether you’re buying your first one or you’re out to replace the old one, the big question is this: should you buy a desktop or a laptop? If your main priority is portability, it will be a no-brainer, of course. If not, then the choice will become slightly more difficult. Although, you may be surprised to find that a desktop beats having a laptop in more ways than one.

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There isn’t a one-size-fits-all for computers. When it comes to what you need, when you need to make repairs, and when you want to upgrade, it all depends on what your needs are.


A desktop is cheaper than a laptop

Unless you’re going for an iMac, it is typically cheaper to buy a desktop than a laptop. If a laptop features all the best specs, its price will be pretty steep. A desktop, on the other hand, has a wider range of prices and a relatively powerful one can still cost much less than a laptop with comparable specs.

It is likewise cheaper to repair a desktop than a laptop. The primary reason for this is that laptop components are generally more expensive because of the ‘special engineering’ needed to make all those components fit in such a small package. If a laptop malfunctions and one of its main components is the culprit, repairing or changing the part might be so expensive it’s not worthwhile, especially if it’s attached to the motherboard. When it comes to desktops, any of its parts can be repaired or changed much easier.

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A desktop is more powerful than a laptop

Although laptop processors today are far more powerful than they were before, they’re still a bit limited compared to desktop processors, simply because desktops are larger, which means they can also have much larger and powerful processors. Besides, more space means less risk for components inside to overheat.


A desktop has a bigger screen than a laptop

Because laptops are built with portability in mind, their screen sizes are typically smaller, ranging from 11″ to 17″. The biggest desktop screen, on the other hand, is currently 27″. Even then you’re not limited, you can attach as big of a TV screen as you want; or even a project to get it even bigger.

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A desktop has a flexible keyboard

Small laptops necessarily have small keyboards that do not include the number pad on the right side. If a laptop has this feature, it means it’s one of the bigger ones which are bulkier and much harder to lug around.

With a desktop, however, you get a full keyboard and a wide range of choices. Upgrading to another keyboard is as simple as unplugging one, and plugging in the other.


A desktop is safer than a laptop

By safer we mean it is harder to lose a desktop that’s sitting on your desk than a laptop which you carry all around. Even if someone breaks into your home, it is unlikely that your desktop will be stolen, but your laptop can be taken fairly easily.

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A desktop is customizable in every way

If you have specific specs in mind and you actually know how to assemble a PC, you can choose to build your own desktop from scratch. And if you want to make upgrades to improve your computer’s performance later on, it will be a simple matter of replacing your desktop’s existing component with a new one. For example, upgrading your RAM or graphics card can easily be done on your desktop. With a laptop, however, it’s a bit more complicated. If you have a laptop and you want an upgrade, that usually means you need to get a new one with higher specs, or you have limited upgrade capabilities.


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