Five Reasons to Buy a 2 in 1

There’s a Computer That’s Right for You

Upgrading to a new computer can be daunting.  There are so many options out there that it’s easy to be overwhelmed and you end up making no choice, or the wrong choice.  Fortunately, we can quickly narrow down your needs and make the decision a little bit easier for you.

2 in 1

If you already know that you don’t need a desktop, half the battle is already solved.  But now you have to decide what type of laptop you want.  There’s a good chance that unless you’re using your laptop for gaming, video or picture editing, or something else that requires a lot of memory and RAM, that you would be best served with a 2 in 1 device; that is a tablet that’s also a computer.

Less Clutter in the Home

Remember the days when you had the family computer that had its own little corner in the kitchen?  They were big, clunky, and took up a lot of space.  Fortunately, all that power has been condensed down to the size of a phone.  But when you still need the power of a laptop, it’s nice to have your tablet and your laptop all built into one unit.  No more clunky computer in the corner, no lugging around dual devices.  One device to rule them all.

Browsing is Easier on a Tablet

Remember the days when you didn’t have Facebook on your phone?  When you had to power on the computer and log in through the browser?  Let’s face it, most of our computer or tablet time is spent on social media, and it’s a whole lot easier to browse on a tablet.  Buying a two in one will let you browse easily when browsing is necessary, but you can use the full functionality of a computer when full functionality is needed.

The Price Tag is Nice

Remember the days when laptops were expensive?  They were heavy, didn’t do as much as a desktop, and cost about twice as much.  Fortunately, prices for electronics has dropped dramatically in the last couple of decades.  Now you can get a basic two in one for just a couple hundred bucks, or you can spend a couple thousand if you need something with some serious power behind it.

Flexibility is There

Remember the days when you wanted to watch a video on your computer and you had to sit in front of the big CRT monitor?  Then along came the laptop and you could connect it to your TV.  Then tablets allow you to hold it in your hand while you watch.  The two in one has advanced hinges that turn your device into a little gymnast.  Now you can watch like you’re watching on a tablet, but have it propped up all on its own.  Bonus: making business presentations is a breeze to turn the display around, and you look like a tech guru to your clients.

Operating Systems Finally Got it Down

Remember how big of a flop that Windows 8 was?  It was so bad they skipped right over Windows 9 and went to 10.  One of the biggest setbacks for the touchscreen laptop was that the operating systems couldn’t quite figure it out.  iOS and Android on our phones have been doing a great job for more than 10 years, but Windows computers struggled to keep up.  Finally, with Windows 10 released a couple years ago an operating system that integrated well with touchscreen was available.


Bonus: iDoctor Repairs Touchscreen Computers

If all that is holding you back from a touchscreen two in one computer is that you’re afraid it’s going to break, well you are in luck!  iDoctor repairs two in one computers at either of our shops in Billings.  These devices aren’t any more fragile than other devices, but when treated improperly they can get damaged if not cared for properly.

Broken phone?  Broken computer?  Broken tablet?  Broken drone?  Broken gaming console? Broken tech device?  Bring it to iDoctor and we will get it fixed so you can enjoy your technology once again.