Fake Apps on the Rise in the App Store

Don’t Fall for Fake Apps

We know a lot of people that play Xbox, Play Station, or one of the many other gaming consoles from now or in the past.  There are a lot of games that are built that only work on one platform.  That is, they don’t have an app version of the game.

Fake Apps on the rise

If you have your favorite game on your console, and you saw that it would soon be available as an app, you would be excited, right?  That’s the premise behind one of the biggest scams going through the app store right now.  A very crafty developer is creating fake versions of popular games in an effort to swindle people out of their money.


How Fake Apps Work

The Apple App Store is quick to remove apps that don’t meet their guidelines, or that are found to be fake.  But when an app is online even for a few hours, it can generate many thousands of dollars in sales.  Suppose it costs $5 for the app, and it’s downloaded 10,000 times per hour, over the course of 3 hours that app generates $150,000.  With a popular game those numbers wouldn’t be hard to reach especially with big name tech websites reporting that it was legit.  And considering the fact that a fake WhatsApp app was downloaded more than 1 million times over the course of a month.

It’s not all that easy to create a fake app.  At least not one that’s going to make money, dodge the App Store bullets, and con a number of people before being pulled.  Here is how one con artist created an app that looked like the popular Xbox Game Cuphead.

Using actual screenshots and video from the game, he made an app that was actually playable.  It didn’t just have a home screen, but you could actually play part of the game.  He also made a very real looking imitation of the developer’s website.  Using both the app that felt real, and the “support” website, it made it through the App store’s assessment.  It wasn’t until a flurry of complaints, one from the actual developer, that it was removed.

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What to do if You Were Swindled

First, know that it wasn’t because you did anything wrong; this guy was talented.  Second, know that you shouldn’t be liable for the expense.  In fact if you did pay for the game, contact Apple in order to get a refund for your purchase.

Also, be aware that there are other games out there that have been counterfeited by the same person.  It’s good to double check before you download any app that you’re getting the original.  With games, for instance, it may seem too good to be true, so check the actual developer’s site to see if they have announced the release.  A popular game is going to have a lot of media coverage and a heavy advertising budget to get the most downloads possible.


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Most fake apps are built to bilk you out of a few dollars.  But if you’re not careful, you could end up downloading one that installs malware on your device.  Never download from anywhere but the app store, and always be cautious when downloading an app that wants your personal information.

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