Face Recognition Payment Scanners

The Next Big Thing for Apple Pay?

In case you haven’t heard, Alibaba is a huge company.  They are on the forefront of pioneering huge changes, and they have drastically shaken up the tech and commerce worlds.  With a market cap of $437 billion, they’re in a strong financial position to do so.

Smile to Pay Technology

And that’s what they’re doing; at least in China.  They are pioneering technology that will eventually come to the US.  One of the latest to be tested in their offices is “smile to pay” technology.


How Smile to Pay Works

iPhone repair in BillingsThe technology isn’t actually that new.  They showed it off two years ago at a tech conference in Germany.  But now it is ready to test.

The consumer has to sign up for Alipay (Alibaba’s form of Apple Pay), and register their face and smile.  Now that they are in the system, there is no need to carry a wallet.  No need to carry a phone.  All you have to do is smile.

Using the kiosk at the KFC in the Alibaba headquarters, you place your order.  When finished ordering, you smile at the machine.  It recognizes your face, charges your account, and processes your order.


Is Smile to Pay Safe?

One of the biggest questions surrounding the smile to pay technology is how safe is it?  What if the computer gets your face wrong?  Or someone else’s face wrong and suddenly you have all sorts of charges on your account?

Most of us trust that our fingerprints are unique.  In over 140 years of gathering fingerprint data, no two have ever been found to be a match.  Your facial structure is even more unique than your fingerprint (and your heartbeat is even more unique than that).  By implementing facial recognition into payment, Alipay is actually creating an even safer method of payment than fingerprint scanning.  And don’t worry, scanner recognize three dimensions, so even a picture of someone can’t be used to make a fake payment.

Take a look at the Alipay test runs, even using different disguises.

Alibaba’s Advancement and Market Growth

Alibaba is one of the most innovative companies in the world.  And we rarely hear about it.  Since they operate in China, and rarely cross the ocean, we almost never see what’s going on over there.  When the technology does make it to us, we hail Apple or Android as the pioneers and innovators, when in reality the technology is many years old and already implemented elsewhere.

For instance, have you heard that Amazon is testing out cashless (and cashierless) stores It’s something that Alibaba launched earlier this summer.

If you’re into technology, this company is definitely worth following.


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