Check if Your Apps will Work with iOS 11

Some Apps May Not Function with the Update

A few days ago Apple released the latest operating software.  The update made some big changes for iPhone users, and each update is designed to increase functionality, streamline usage, and ideally make a better user experience.

which apps work when you do the ios update

This latest update, however, has left some iPhone and iPad users irritated.  Not all apps are able to be used on the latest version of the software.  The updated software has streamlined things, but it has also left a lot of users angry that their favorite apps will never again be able to be used.

Here’s why those apps were cut from the system, and how you can check to see what’s going to happen before you update your phone.

Why Give some Apps the Axe?

Back in 2013 the iPhone 5s came out.  This phone supported a 64-bit processing system (previously they were 32-bit systems), meaning the phones could process tasks much faster than in the past.  The problem was that apps have to be written differently for different processing systems.

Fast forward to 2015, and Apple was now requiring that all new apps, or app updates, be written in a way that they can function solely on the 64-bit platform.  It was the writing on the wall that soon the transition would occur that 32-bit would no longer be supported.

Now that iOS 11 is out, the changes should have fully gone into effect, and apps now have to be optimized for the 64-bit platform.  The reasoning is that if the app hasn’t been updated in the last two years, then it’s likely not the ideal app anyway.

How to Find Your 32-Bit Apps

There’s a quick and easy way to discover which apps will no longer work once you update your software.  Some apps may come out with updates in the future, but others will simply be obsolete and the only course of action is to delete them from the phone or iPad.

In your settings menu tap General>About>Applications.  If all of your apps are compatible, then there’s no need to worry.  If you do have some that are incompatible, then they will show up on this list.  Bad news Flappy Bird lovers; the game is kaput.


Is there anything you can do to save those apps?  The bottom line: not really.  You can put off updating to iOS11 for as long as possible.  But ultimately the overall performance of your phone or iPad is going to suffer.  In the end, you will have to update, and then all you can do is hope that your favorite apps are updated as well.

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