Can I Recover Photos after Water Damage?

Suffering from Water Damage?  There’s Hope

It’s the bane of every cell phone user’s existence: the water damage.  Broken screens are annoying, ruined charging ports are fixable, but you soak the phone and now it’s hopeless… right?  Fortunately, modern technology has come a long way, and all may not be lost.

Water damage phone repair

While water does some serious damage to the inside of phones, there are different aspects to water damage; some are worse than others.  Here’s a brief rundown of what you can expect from the damage.

Power Issues

When water infiltrates your phone, it can get into the circuits.  When your phone tries to send power from the battery to another component, the water causes an arc.  This ends up short circuiting the phone overloading an area with power while taking it from another.  Sometimes you phone simply won’t turn on, other times it turns on then powers off right away, or sometimes it turns on but nothing but a white screen shows.

Hardware Issues

Every now and then the water won’t make it quite so deep into the phone.  Instead, some components won’t work properly as they have been shorted out.  The speaker is muffled or not working, the charging port doesn’t work, the microphone won’t pick up sound, or some other aspect just doesn’t work right.

Software Issues

When the water avoids damaging some components, but not others, it can end up getting to an area of the phone that affects how the apps are running.  You may launch safari and it won’t stay active.  Perhaps your email won’t do anything when you tap it.  Or your messaging app flickers when launched.

No matter what, you don’t want to deal with a phone that has water damage.  But here’s the real question: after dropping it in water, can you salvage the pictures?


What to Do After Water Damage

First: rice does nothing!  Don’t waste your time.

Now, immediately after the water contact, power the phone off.  An “off” phone is less likely to be damaged further with short circuiting.  Then bring it to iDoctor.  We can open it up, and get it in our drying machines (these us magic to remove the water), and make sure that further damage won’t happen.

We can then connect externally and extract your data, backing it up for you.  There’s no guarantee that you won’t lose any pictures, but for the most part you can salvage pictures after minor water damage.

In the future, however, back your phone up to iTunes or to iCloud.  Then, if water damage occurs again, you can rest easy that even if it’s not salvageable, your memories aren’t washed away.


iDoctor Fixes Phones

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, we fix them all!  From water damage, to cracked screens, to busted charging ports, we can get your technology working for you again.  Come see us at either of our Billings locations, or enlist our mobile repair services.